How to Open PSE EASy Account Online (Step-by-step Guide)

Here’s your step-by-step guide and complete procedures on how to open a PSE EASy account online. PSE EASy is a must-have account if you’re actively investing in the Philippine stock market because it will give you easy access to an IPO.

Many readers and followers asked me other ways how to subscribe to an IPO of REITs. This post is for you. With PSE EASy, investors can also subscribe to an upcoming Initial Public Offering, whether in REITs or a new company’s stock offering.

What is PSE EASy?

PSE EASy means PSE Electronic Allocation System. It is an online platform launched by the Philippine Stock Exchange in 2019 to serve Local Small Investors (LSI) better access with Initial Public Offerings.

Benefits of Having a PSE Easy Account

Easy access for retail investors

You don’t need to be very rich to be able to subscribe to an IPO of a new company you’re interested in investing your money. Retail investors can subscribe to LSI shares (Local Small Investors) because ten percent of an IPO is allocated for LSI shares.

Can be linked to trading account

Using PSE EASy will let an investor subscribe to an IPO conveniently as trading platforms can be linked to PSE EASy account. Investors can see the new shares on their trading platforms after a successful subscription.

Accessible through a mobile app

PSE EASy is both available for desktop and mobile app. You can download the official app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

How to Open PSE EASy Account Online?

1. Sign up for an account through the PSE EASy website

Create your account via PSE EASy website. Select the REGISTER button. You can also register for an account via a mobile app on Google Play (For Android users) or the App Store (for iOS device users).

how to open pse easy account for ipo

2. Set your Investor Type and Trading Participant

You have two options here: Individual or Corporate. Select “Individual” if you are using the platform for yourself or as an individual investor. Otherwise, select “Corporate” if you are a business entity or a corporation.

Select your Trading Participant if you have an existing stockbroker with a trading platform (COL Financial, BDO Securities, First Metro Sec Pro, BPI Trade, Philstock, etc.)

3. Encode your profile details and upload your photo

All the details and information here must match the information you have on your stockbroker trading platform, such as your name, birthdate, Tax ID Number (TIN), address, and phone numbers.

Don’t forget to upload your photo. Come on, don’t be shy.

4. Accept the Terms of Use and Check the Boxes

You must read, understand, and agree to the Terms of Use. It is important that you know and understand the guidelines and policies of using the platform.

5. Click the SAVE button to confirm your submission

Before you hit the SAVE button, double check all the details you have provided on the application. Everything must be honest and accurate.

6. Verify Your Account

After successfully creating your PSE EASy account, you need to verify it by clicking the link sent by PSE EASy to your email. Doing this will ensure PSE that the email owner is really you.

7. Wait for a validation from your stockbroker through email

Once you have verified your PSE EASy account, it is still pending for validation by your stockbroker. The last step is to wait for a confirmation from your stockbroker.

Your stockbroker will send a confirmation message to your registered email address. That email will contain a Validation Number that is a very important identification set on your trading platform.

That’s it. Once everything is set completely, you can start your subscription during an initial public offering more conveniently.

How to Create PSE EASy Account Using a Mobile App

  1. Download the PSE EASy App on the App Store or Google Play
  2. Sign up for an account
  3. Provide accurate personal details
  4. Agree to the Terms of Use
  5. Save and submit your application
  6. Wait for a validation from your stockbroker

Linking Your PSE EASy Account to Your Online Trading Platform

How to Link PSE EASy Account to BDO Securities, COL Financial, BPI Trade, First Metro Sec, Philstocks?

After the successful confirmation of your PSE EASy account, the next step will be validating your stockbroker trading account. Your stockbroker will send a validation number to your email. Follow the instructions to validate and link your trading account to your PSE EASy account.

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