Best Philippine Stocks to Buy in 2023 for Long Term Investment

Here are the best Philippine stocks to buy today and in 2023 if you are into long term investment or if you want to grow your capital for five years or more.

We have chosen these stocks according to profitable potential, high liquidity, stable financial health, sustainability, and longstanding outlook.

According to the World Bank, the Philippine economy is forecast to grow at 5.7% in 2023. Businesses and economies are expected to slowdown in 2023 but there are more opportunities for investors and traders.

What is long-term investing?

Long term investing is one of the best and effortless methods of investing. It is done when investors buy shares of blue-chip companies or those companies with consistent earnings potential and hold the shares for five years or more (the longer is usually, the better).

best Philippine stocks to buy in 2023 for long term investment

How to Invest in the Stock Market for Long Term?

  1. Choose five or more profitable companies
  2. Buy and hold your shares
  3. Add some shares during market dips
  4. Stick to your long-term goal
  5. Sell your shares on your target date

Best Philippine Stocks to Buy Today for Long Term Investment

1. SM Investments Corp. (SM)

SM Investments (Stock Code: SM) comprises all the business segments of SM group of companies providing retail, property, banking, and equity investments. SM Investments is so huge. It has over P1 trillion market cap, making it the biggest company on the Philippine stock exchange.

Why should you invest in SM stock?

If there is one stock I want to hold until retirement, that is SM. Three of its companies – SMIC, SMPH, BDO comprise already over 30% of the value of the Philippine stock market index. The company has excellent fundamentals and impressive earnings. It also rewards generous dividends. Investors looking for long term profitable growth should invest in SM stock.

2. Ayala Corporation (AC)

Ayala Corporation (Stock Code: AC) is one of the biggest conglomerates in the Philippines. This giant firm is the parent company of well-known Philippine businesses, including BPI, Globe Telecom, Ayala Land, and AC Energy and Infrastructure. Currently, it has over P420 billion market capitalization.

Why should you invest in Ayala Corporation stock?

Because it is one of the best blue-chip companies in the Philippines, and it pays regular dividends to its stockholders. AC stock is one of the top stocks listed on the PSEI, the Philippines’ stock exchange benchmark index. Consequently, most mutual funds and equity funds that track the PSEI allocate their capital in AC shares of stock.

3. SM Prime Holdings (SMPH)

SMPH is the property developer arm of SM Group. It is one of the largest integrated property developers in South East Asia. The company has 78 malls in the Philippines and 7 in China. In addition, SMPH also develops and manages residential properties, commercial and office buildings, hotels, and convention centers.

Why should you invest in SMPH stock?

SMPH is the largest real estate company in the PSE in terms of market cap (in trillion). Therefore, it gives the power to use enough funds to continue expanding and innovating its business and future property projects. SMPH also has strong fundamentals. Its consolidated net income of P21.79 billion in FY2021 and regular dividends to shareholders also boost investors’ confidence.

4. Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI)

Ayala Land, Inc. (Stock Code: ALI) is one of the most diversified real estate property developers in the Philippines. With a market cap of P458 billion, ALI is one of the biggest Philippine stock exchange listed companies today and one of the best Philippine stocks to buy now.

Why should you invest in Ayala Land stock?

Because Ayala Land is one of the leaders in the real estate property sector. ALI has a stable balance sheet. Its assets are consistently growing. The company’s proven track record is a significant factor for long term investors to hold this stock for ten years or so. It’s also good to note that ALI pays dividends, as well.

best philippine stocks to buy today

5. International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICT)

International Container Terminal Services (Stock Code: ICT) is the Philippines’ number one terminal operator. ICT has numerous port facilities in 20 countries across the Asia Pacific, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and The Americas. ICT is definitely one of the best Philippine stocks to buy in 2023.

Why should you invest in ICT stock?

Because it is a unique business, and it is the only terminal operator industry among the top listed stocks in the Philippine stock exchange. Therefore, the competition (industry-wise) is very low. ICT has healthy financials and promising outlook. We think that terminal expansion and port facilities opening after the pandemic will boost more ICT’s revenue in 2023 and beyond.

6. Jollibee Foods Corporation (JFC)

Jollibee Foods Corporation (Stock code: JFC) is the largest food chain in the Philippines. It is now expanding its food franchise businesses around the world. JFC also has subsidiaries of famous food chain brands like Chowking, Red Ribbon, Mang Inasal, Greenwich, Burger King, and many more.

Why should you invest in Jollibee stock?

Because you want to allocate a portion of your investment fund to food business and JFC is the top leader of the food network industry listed on the Philippine stock exchange.

Historically speaking, JFC stock is always on a bullish trend. Although the pandemic caused a severe decline of the stock, it’s an excellent opportunity to buy before it reached its all-time high again.

7. JG Summit (JGS)

JG Summit (Stock code: JGS) is the holding firm of the Gokongwei group of companies. JGS is one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in the Philippines. Its businesses include prominent firms like Cebu Pacific, Universal Robina Corporation, Robinsons Land Corporation, Robinsons Bank, and JG Summit Petrochemicals.

Why should you invest in JGS stock?

Because JGS is a parent company of many well-established companies in the Philippines. Investing in JGS stock will let you diversify and have exposure to its business segments. JGS is also among the top companies listed on the PSE index. Holding firms like JGS are one of the best stocks to buy in the Philippines.

8. Alliance Global (AGI)

Alliance Global (Stock code: AGI) is a world-class Filipino conglomerate with interest in food, beverage, real estate, tourism, entertainment, gaming, infrastructure, and quick-service restaurant businesses. AGI has over P103 billion market cap and is listed on the PSE index.

Why should you invest in AGI stock?

Because it is a brilliant holding firm that owns the country’s McDonald’s franchise. It also has world-class subsidiaries, including Megaworld, Emperador, Travellers International, and Infracorp.

9. BDO Unibank (BDO)

BDO is the number one bank in the Philippines in terms of assets, capital, deposits, loans, and receivables. The company has grown so much that it reached P560 billion market cap. BDO has reported a net income of P42.8 billion in 2021, representing an increase of 51% YOY.

Why should you invest in BDO stock?

Because it is the top and leading bank in the country with 1,434 branches nationwide, BDO can easily reach and increase clients. Likewise, the company is consistently growing its revenue every year. BDO is among the best stocks to buy for long term if you want to invest in the financial sector.

10. Aboitiz Equity Venture (AEV)

Aboitiz Equity Venture (Stock code: AEV) is one of the best-managed conglomerates in the Philippines. Its core businesses include power, food, infrastructure, real estate, banking, and financial services.

Why should you invest in AEV stock?

Because it is advantageous to invest in holding firms as you are already diversified in many types of businesses. AEV owns Aboitiz Power, Unionbank of the Philippines, Pilmico Foods Corp., Aboitiz Land, Aboitiz InfraCapital, and many other well-positioned industries.

11. Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)

BPI is the first bank in the Philippines and currently one of the top banks in the country. Ayala Corporation has a majority stake in BPI. The company is among the top listed stocks on the Philippine Stock Exchange Index.

Why should you invest in BPI stock?

Because BPI has been here since 1851, during the Spanish era. It’s been one of the best banks in the country since then, serving Filipinos.

BPI’s financial highlights are remarkable with consistent revenue growth, net income, total assets, total deposits, and capital. We think that BPI will maintain its superior position for many years.

12. GT Capital Holdings (GTCAP)

GT Capital Holdings (Stock code: GTCAP) is one of the top conglomerates in the country with interest in banking, property development, automotive assembly, import, infrastructure, utilities, financing, and insurance.

Why should you invest in GTCAP stock?

Because it is a holding company of many robust businesses in the Philippines, including Metrobank, Toyota, AXA, Metro Pacific Investments, Federal Land, and many more.

GTCAP is among the components of notable stock market indexes such as the PSEI, FTSE All-World Index, and MSCI Philippine Index.

13. Puregold (PGOLD)

Puregold (Stock code: PGOLD) is one of the fastest-growing supermarket chains in the Philippines. It has more than 300 supermarket chains nationwide. The company has more than P102 billion market capitalization.

Why should you invest in Puregold stock?

Because it is like the Walmart of the Philippines. It is well-positioned in the retail industry, and it has super loyal shoppers. Puregold also operates S&R branches, QSR, NE Bodega, and Budgetlane.

If Puregold would start a mobile app with online delivery, we think that the stock would skyrocket.

14. Universal Robina Corporation (URC)

Universal Robina Corporation (Stock code: URC) is a giant food and beverage company in the Philippines with a vast presence in the ASEAN and Oceania markets. Currently, it has P238 billion market cap.

Why should you invest in URC stock?

Because URC has a growing market in the Philippines, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Oceania, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. The company’s portfolio includes famous brands such as Chippy, Piattos, Cream-O, Nips, Cloud 9, C2, Great Taste, Swiss Miss, Nissin, Vitasoy, and many more.

15. Metrobank (MBT)

Metrobank (Stock code: MBT) is one of the big 3 banks in the Philippines and has been in the service for more than 50 years. MBT is also among the best blue-chip stocks in the country. Likewise, it is listed on the PSE index.

Why should you invest in Metrobank stock?

Because it is one of the strongest banks in the country. Metrobank’s core business is also resilient. Metrobank reported P16.1 billion net income in 9M2021, up 46% YOY. MBT maintains a healthy balance sheet; total deposits reached P1.8 trillion, total assets achieved P2.4 trillion, and an impressive equity of P317 billion were reported from its 9M2021.

16. Converge (CNVRG)

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. is a new telco giant in the Philippines providing world-class ICT services and high-speed internet services to residential customers and enterprise businesses. It has over P175 billion market cap making it one of the largest publicly listed companies in the Philippines.

Why should you invest in Converge Stock?

Because Converge joined the ranks of the PSE Index and has been among the fastest-growing companies in the Philippines. If you’re looking for the best tech stock in the Philippine market with healthy financials, Converge (CNVRG) is the top answer. The company is very aggressive in increasing its paid internet subscribers. Their net income of P5.19 billion in 9M2021 surged more than double YOY.

17. Metro Pacific Investments (MPI)

Metro Pacific Investments (Stock code: MPI) is an investment management and a leading infrastructure holding company in the Philippines. MPI core businesses include power, toll roads, water, health care, light rail, and logistics.

Why should you invest in MPI stock?

Because infrastructure is the backbone of an economy. MPI owns a substantial stake in Philippine Toll roads and Regional Investments in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

best philippine stocks to invest for long term

MPI is a major shareholder of Meralco, the Philippines’ largest private-sector electric distribution utility company, and Global Business Power. The company also owns massive shares at Maynilad, Metro Pacific Water, MetroPac Movers, Metro Pacific Hospitals, and Light Rail Manila Corporation.

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Disclaimer: This content is for information purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. Every investor has a different risk tolerance and goal. Always do your own research. All investments have risks. Risk only the money you’re not afraid to lose. The author has no business relationship with the companies mentioned.

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