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Mutual Funds Philippines – Guides, Tutorials, Tips – This is your Ultimate Guide on how to invest Mutual Funds in the Philippines.

This page contains easy tutorials and tips for everyone. We also do reviews for all the mutual funds available in the Philippines.

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Mutual Funds Easy Guides and Tutorials

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Why Mutual Funds are one of our favorite investments?

It’s no secret MF are one of our faves simply because it is investing different money instruments rolled into one.

Anyone can invest, with or without experience, as long as you understand the risks, you can open your mutual fund.

The objective is mutual. You let the experts do their job to grow your money to make more money.”

How much money do you need to invest in mutual funds?

The most common minimum or starting requirement is P5,000 for many mutual fund products available in the Philippines and then an investor can place additional investment of more than 1,000.

Because there are different types of mutual funds offered to investors, you will know the specific amount required when you read our reviews for each MF.

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73 thoughts on “Mutual Funds Philippines – Guides, Tutorials, Tips”

  1. Hi Ms. Fehl,
    Equity Mutual Fund is also entitle for dividend?if yes (cash or shares) how it will reflect to the investor accounts… Thank you

  2. Hi Ms. Fehl tanong ko lang ano po ba pinagkaiba ng equity fund vs equity index fund? Alin po ba mas maganda for long-term? Moderately aggressive po risk profile ko at balanced funds lang sana kukunin ko but I am considering equity/equity index funds. Thanks!

  3. Hi… Ms. Fehl, ask ko lang po kung nag pasa ka rin ng ITR nung nag apply ka ng visa sa japan at europe? tnx. po

    (pasencya na kung dito ko tinanong, kse ayaw mag post ng question ko sa comment section ng “How to Request Stock Certificate at COL Financial for Visa Application” sorry po ulit.)

    • Hi, Jethel 🙂 Sa Japan, I submitted quarterly ITR kasi wala pa ako annual ITR non pero I explained it in the cover letter the reason why wala. Sa UK, I submitted my latest ITR. You can read my blog about it sa Philpad. I shared all the details how I got the UK visa multiple entry 🙂 I also shared how I filled out the forms, the requirements I submitted and all. God bless 🙂

  4. hi.. ms. fehl, plan k pong mag invest ng malaki sa fmetf at first investment ko po yun. ask ko lang kung tama ba yun for long term investment? tnx

    • Yes, it’s suitable for 3 years or more. If you are aggressive investor, you can invest with it as long as you understand the risks and you’re aware of your goal. Cheers!

  5. Hi i am planning to get sunlife or fami? Equity funds. Ok lng ba kmuha sa both kaysa namam kng san ko mgastos pera ko. Planning for long term investments dn ako.

    • Yes, it’s ok if you get two mutual funds as long as you understand the risks, you are comfy with it and you are aware of your objective. Cheers!

  6. Hi Ms. Fehl. if your mutual fund investment is earning. is it right to pull out some of it and reinvest or you will just let it stay.

    • Hi Dominic. Depends upon the type of Mutual Fund you have invested with. What mutual fund are you talking about here, can you share so I can answer. Thanks!

          • OMG! replied!..thank you so much Ms. Fehl!..

            I prefer long term investment with high risk type..though Im still thinking on it. I am eyeing with sunlife equity it ok?..

    • You need these 3 things: basic knowledge or background about mutual funds, your risk profile and your objective (plan). No worries, our guides will help you 🙂 You can also ask questions here but of course, we recommend you read muna the posts from our guides. God bless!

  7. Hi Miss Fehl,

    Bago palang po akong nagsisimula sa mutual fund, i deposited 5000 pesos as per requirements, pwede po ba akong mag add every month ng 5000 pesos or 10k kaya?

  8. Hi po

    Tanong ko lang po, kailan ko po makikita yung consolidated porfolio ko po?
    nag-invest po kasi ako sa Philequity Fund 2 days ago at ang status niya ngayon is already match.

  9. great site and articles!

    question, what happens to the mutual fund if, for example, BPI bank goes bankrupt and you have BPI Mutual Funds.

    Do you lose your entire fund holdings?

  10. Hi miss fehl I ask a question about MF. For example if I invest 10k and added initial worth of 1k monthly until 5 years target or more years it is possible that all your money invested will gone coz of depleted inflation.

  11. hello.. im very interested in investing pero d ko talaga maintindihan kung paano ito… hinuhulugan ba ito monthly? may fix na hulog ba or any amount? paano mo makikita kung kumikita pera mo? pwede mo ba galawin ung pera? pls reply.. thanks

    • Hi Juscille, isa rin ako sa mga bagong investors sa tulong ni Ms. Fehl mula sa mga blogs nya, THANKS MS. FEHL…

      Just this month nag open ako ng MF account sa PEMI at sa Sunlife (both are Equity Fund), at UITF sa BPI at PCA sa Stock Market.

      With regards to your concern, YUP! hinuhulogan ito ng certain amount (minimum amount depends to the MF o UITF broker) in anytime (monthly is advisable), walang specific amount if magkano gusto mo ihulog basta aabot sa minimum amount required nila. They are also sending NAVPS in everyday basis at your registered email para mag ka idea ka if what is the value of NAVPS on the previous day.

      Sunlife, BPI, and COL will give you a Username and PW for you to monitor your Portfolio.

      In Mutual Fund and UITF, there is what they called “Holding Period” and they will charge you a specific amount if you withdraw the money less than the specific period of time.

      For more information, try to call or visit their branch.

      I am very interested on this kind of investment, am here in abroad and I spent a lot of mobile credit to call them for some clarification though i know it was already on their web site (just to ensure, :-)… and sent my application form through DHL. Anyone can do if they wanted!!!! no excuse!!!!

      • Hi Nelson, I learn somethng new every day reading Fehls and her followers stuff. I also read em all the time. all the same stuff. I like your portforlio and want to know how its doing. I plan to start myself in a month or in April. I am starting from scratch myself and will have a target year 2030.

  12. Hi Fehl,
    I’m planning to put a portion of my savings to purchase a car come January next year to ALFM Money Market Fund. This will just be for a short period of time since I will be taking the money to get a car but will still continue to invest. My goal is just to get returns to add up to my purchase. Is this a wise move?

    Thank you.

    • Do you already have a garage? If you don’t and is only planning to park it in the street, then it is not a wise move.

  13. Good Day.. Kaka start ko lang mag work and i am interested in investing into stock market.. but i don’t have any idea as to how i can buy stock.. im into long term investment..

  14. Hi Fehl,

    In terms of long term stability and profitability, which is better, Cocolife fixed income fund or Philequity peso bond fund? Both are bond funds. Hope you can help me decide as I’m a first time investor in case.


  15. Hi Ms.Fhel,

    Saan ba maa access yung minsan pinakita nyo na may guide na “ACTION” ( BUY/SELL/HOLD) maganda kasi sya lalo na sa tulad ko na beginner. Nag try din ako sa COL financial yung trial account nila, wala naman ako magawa, gusto ko sana mag sample trading. Hope you can help me,

  16. Hello po, im interested sa MF but i don’t know how to invest especially I’m living in other country….i don’t know if it safe in COL if i want to invest in Philequity….pls give me an advise….

  17. I hope not, but you are never wrong…YICKS…we do have 3 more FED Rate hikes, and 2 presidential elections, and pending war, due to low fuel costs and too much oil, so yes, I agree…I am hoping for growth, once I can see if the trends are the same, for UTIF’s, I will know what to do, however, growth will be slower, much if it, sideways, but up is up, and sideways is better than down..I lost a lot of money, had to sell low, but I bought back, half of it, super low…It even dropped, after I sold it, so buying in, lower than low, was a smile on my face…Miss Fehl, always know I think good thoughts about you


    This is for everyone investing and for every year they invest, and you should seriously consider printing it…All forms of markets, are traded, even bonds, so trading involves the actions of others (humans)…Be their actions, good or bad, honest, or dishonest, educated, or not, people are the market, not the business, so you need to do your homework, not just on the company, but what is called the trends, caused by it’s share holders…You need to learn people habits, which changes daily

    HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: Decades ago, markets were up and down 95% of the time, based on business performance…Example being, Champion Spark Plug, had an advertizing campaign and sales went up…Investors had gains in stocks and most of all, nice dividends for several quarters…Dividends were basically shares of the profits to keep you from selling…I call them a bribe…This is why most selloffs, happen after the payment of dividends.

    Soon, as technology and faster phone trading moved in, dividends had to go up, to retain stockholders…Soon, there was less money to circulate back into the company, so wages began to suffer, as the first cost cutting measure…The next problem with corporations was the money which was to go back into higher wages, job positions were cut, therefore, customer service suffered and the profits was given to the stock holders, CEO’s, board members.

    A good example is of this is Woolworths, J.C. Penny’s Sears, K-Mart, and soon Macy’s, all the super backbone stores in the USA: All empty now…You cannot even find a sales associate, clothing does not fit, because of super small sizes, to save costs, stores are dirty and run down…Once before, stores were huge, shelves filled, sales staff everywhere, and very very clean…Yes, same as what happened in the Philippines…Look at Robinson’s! Soon, bankruptcies went up, employee theft went up, and employee and customer loyalty dropped

    Trading continued to go up…Now, remember, I said, trading now brown bagging, or holding on to good performing stocks, for 10 years…There is no long term holding of stocks, no loyalty, and over the following 15 years, it was all about flipping….Before, this time, people bought stocks, and enjoyed the dividends, holding on to the stock, until retirement, or a disaster happened…I mean, you just didn’t sell your stock: (Now, called a brawn bagger) People will tell you, yeah, I have had this stock for 8 years…BS…They flipped it and bought more of them same, but they did not brown bag it out of loyalty

    Soon, with technology, there came the day trader…A day trader is someone who literally lives, breathes, and eats, the buying and selling of stocks…They are very up tight, wired up, and sort of crazy, usually doing this from 3:30 am, or 4:30 am, until 5 or 6 pm, some stopping at 3:30 pm, Pacific Time…Now, they moved on from being day traders, to E-traders, and they do this for a living, 24/7, often in large groups, causing a lot of the valleys you see on the trend graphs….Long ago, there was no trading on weekends or holidays…Now there is trading, at 3:12 am, on a Easter Sunday

    2015-2016 Things you need to do right now…60% of what will happen in 2016, is up to the investor or market investors…Personally, that investor is you and the investors are all of the day raiders and day traders, who manipulate the market to benefit themselves, not the company, trying their best to crush your stocks into powder…The company, is just a bar girl to them…They no longer have that loyalty I spoke of…They not caring about her future, health, or emotional stability, only his, or her own gratification…One small mistake by a company, can cause lasting drops in stocks, killing a company, forcing them in to bankruptcy, so you need to watch Miss Fehl’s pages…I said pages, because she has many, and watch Bloomberg, TV, or radio, if you can get it on internet radio, or TV

    Also, watch Al Jazeera on net or TV, On The Money, with Eric Mendoza, and Frances Kong, on 98.7 I think it is, the Master’s Touch…Eric in on twitter and will reply, and he is on YouTube, check to see if Kong is, as well.


    Please do not be insulted, it is normal to feel this way, but Filipinos, have to stop hating, or feeling biased, towards other countries…#1. A large percentage of the money in your country is from all over the world, such as mine, LOL, it is not from inside the country…#2. All of your banks, invest in other banks, not into themselves, such as Deutscha Bank in Germany, China Banks, Citi Bank, Citi Group, Union Bank, East Wast Bank, the bank of the West, Bank of America, in Manila, all none Pinoy banks…Sorry to say, the world currency is still the dollar

    Everything, which goes on in the world, affects Philippines, her markets, and investments….The fluctuation of your markets, are caused by, as I said, day raiders and traders, all over the world…Oil prices, mining, a plane crash, terrorism, tourism, bank failures, solar, global warming, all of this matters…This is why everyone in the world speaks English….Tagalong is only spoken in the Philippines…English is spoken everywhere…All of my documents, certificates, disclosures, everything from BDO, was in perfect Kings English, not Tagalog…This is what they mean by globalization and this is why I am going in to this here…The rich big boys do not want boarders…You did hear of the Euro, right? Boarders are for silly insecure men to play army and war, or to feel powerful, they are not real…Why do you think the USA patrols your boarders? Sovereign state? No, it is only a matter of record…If China, gets to close to Manila Bay, or Palawan, the USA, England, Australia, and others will storm the shores and you will see one hell of a lot of LL Bean Army Boots on the ground LOL, so you need to think outside of the box…Think world, globally

    An example of the world affects on the Philippines, just look at August 24th of 2015, and the USA Federal Reserve…Everything tanked, only because the USA Federal Reserve, just suggested raising rates, which has not been done for over 8 years…Then, right after everything tanked, everything went up, and up, then back down…Insider trading? Of course, but it happened. Also, all of your UITF’s, tanked, as always, for the past 10 years, just before our Thanksgiving Day, Holiday…Again, like clockwork, on or around December 12th
    As I stated before, in other posts, China’s devaluation of their currency, cause problems, in late August. Should it? No, but it did…Should, has nothing to do with, it did…None of this, is always based on intelligence…Volkswagen’s stupidity in September, when they installed illegal computers to pass smog requirements all over the world not just the USA…Oil crude dropped, because they are getting ready for a war….Yes, war, because they need cheap oil for wars, both the oil war and the military war…Even gold sucked.

    Remember, no matter what anyone tells you, if money becomes worthless, so does gold, because gold is valued to the dollar…LOL if the gold is valued at 10,000 USD an ounce, and the dollar becomes useless, so does gold, because what is it worth? Nothing….It is no longer worth, 10K USD an ounce

    This is why in the Bible, it says, the rich will toss their gold, precious stones, and money into the street, it is worthless…The last thing I want, is something, worthless, like gold, and watch the government come in and take it all, in the interest of national security…Now, is it a good investment? Hell yes! Only because technology runs on gold and so does war, but do you want your gold stolen by the government again? Like in the 1970’s?


    Everything affects your investments in the Philippine,so as I said, watch the news…About future values of stock, all stocks go up, but to go up, they must go down, because that is how the market machine works…ASK MISS FEHL DIRECTLY ON THIS…You need to buy stocks, MMF, or MF, when others sell their stocks to cause it to drop low enough, to make it worth your buying it, meaning, buy low and sell high…This means, regardless of the economy, you need to learn how to flip stocks…If you do not flip, your investment will grow, but slowly, like over 10 years….It will go up 35%, down 32%, up 12%, down 40%, up 23% down 16%, and by the end of the year, it will be up, God willing, around 8 to 12%

    Now, you will have the USA Federal Reserve, who said, for a fact they will raise rates, for sure, 3 times in 2016…This means, you need to watch the trend FROM the December hike, and do the same thing, when they raise it in March, meaning, selling 3 days before they pull the trigger…Next is, you need to hope, your money is back in your account, before the market goes up: And it will jump up, but you might not be able to flip again, if you have a holding period…Make sure you ask, if your investment has an holding period, like UITF’s, most have a 30 day holding period

    Also, for the second rate hike, 3 days before it tanks, sell only 60% of what you own, and flip it…Hold on to the other 40%, as is, in case the trend does not hold true, buying low, with the 60%…Also, make sure you have a cash reserve, to invest when something bad happens, and the market goes down…This is very important in UITF’s. or anything short term like Merit Funds…You always want a pot of money to invest, when the market tanks, then you can sell your older UITF’s, or bonds, or stocks, to pay yourself, not Ali Baba, the loan shark, at 5/6

    Next, is, before the election of either president, you need to sell 60% to 80% of your holding, because the market will go down, because all of the big boys, will make sure it goes down…It is common…If you buy stocks, maybe Miss Fehl, can advise you on this…Me, I would sell, a few months before

    Predictions, for stocks are best with Miss Fehl, but there is also this

    Short answer to your question is, to read the above and learn how to flip stocks, it is important, if you want to make money, sell 3 days before the USA Fed raises rate again, 3 more time, 2016, watch the news, and get ready to pull out if there is a war, then jump back in, because wars always make corporation money

    I will break this down, and post it on my Google plus

    Miss Fehl, can you assist me?

    BTW MISS FEHL, new website setup, look great, nice improvements, glad you are back to work full steam…I supper miss you

    • Happy Holidays, King! As always, excellent insights here. Thank you very much, everyone is learning so much. About 2016, I think it will mimic 2015 in terms of the financial world. Not time to panic but good time to rely on Mutual Funds and UITF + few favorite blue chip stocks. Thanks I’m glad you guys like the new website look here. My old theme was cutting out some words mistakenly so I decided to switch and make everything look accessible and neat as possible. I might post new articles soon as we approach a new year.

      Happy New Year everyone!

    • She is right, but don’t worry!!!!!

      Equities, get a bad rap, but if you do not get easily seasick, ride out the storm, and you will begin to feel better in 3 years, but as she said, with all of the global none-sense, more like the 1 to 3 year wait, is NOW more like 5 years to 10, which is fine, but flip…You can flip UITF’s, but don’t make the same mistake I made and that was to buy 500K of the BDO Balance Fund, I wanted to sell only 35K worth of shares, and they not allow me, so I had to sell all 500K at a lower price than I bought them for..So, once I sold, the USA FED pulled the rigger, and it dropped below what I sold it for, so I bought it back, so I made some of lose, over night;;;However this time, I made them print out 25K amounts times 5, for total of 125K for The BDO Balance Fund and 25K times 5 times for the BDO Focused Equity Fund, which is doing terrible, because it is relatively new account there at BDO…My wife almost died when I wanted her to buy more of the FEF, when is stinks so bad, but it has gone up and up…It was down, under priced, it can only go up and it did, so now, I am about to break ever, from the sale in December 2015, so now my wife is happy…You must have thre guts to flip, even if you get hurt, because time will come when you will win…Learn to flip, some people call it, trading, but know this..There is nothing being trading, in reality, it is your money buying someone else, share they did not want…Trading, is trading, trust me, you bought it, called investing…Learn to flip when low, and hold on

  19. MISS FEHL CHECK ME OUT HERE PLEASE…I am AN American, so I am not sure of your laws, but since the USA set up your government system and constitution, I would say, it is close…HAVING SAID THAT…Sounds like you are talking about setting up a trust fund, but first, watch out for this…Many banks, are offering what we call, a Universal Life Insurance policy, focused on kids, sometimes called there, ASSURANCE and there is nothing that is assured, but the insurance companies make money….They show you they will pay you money (around 8%) as you pay them money, for the policy, which pays abnormally high return, upon death and here is my twist…I find it dangerous to give money to insurance companies and expect them to pay you enough money, above and beyond, their costly wages and overhead…(Hang in their, this is important when investing while reading a brochure…) IN the investment world, unless you are good at flipping, everyone makes money in the investment world BUT YOU…Using a fake bank as an example, if the bank of King Kano, sells you life insurance and we are willing to pay you 8%, why don’t we pay you 8% for deposits? RIGHT? We don’t! We pay you only 1.5 to 2.25% right? This means, they are making tons of money…Insurance companies just as banks, invest your money, just as in a UITF, read documents closely…This is me, but this is what I would do…If you promise me, you will follow through…Talk to Miss Fehl, get her advice, talk to attorney, and set up a trust fund, and it is easy, with the birth papers to set up financial account at banks…#1. Start off by talking to the branch manager, if she or he is too busy, try to talk to banker. but start with branch manager so he or she knows what you are talking about…#2. Talk slow and be specific and avoid the insurance scam…They will press you until the ice age comes again…#3 I prefer you invest, 60% of what you can give your child, into UITF’s, half in Balanced Fund and Half in a full blown Equity Fund and the 40% in a savings account, longer term, if you can…#4. Always, move from savings, anything over the 60/40 split, into the purchasing of more Balance and equity funds..#5. You will need to set aside time to watch and graph the trends, of your UITF’s, or stocks, which Miss Fehl prefers, both are good…I like UITF’s, because I am lazy and I am the broker, and I am the boss…I can sell quickly and money is in my account in 4 working days, with no additional fees, but plan ahead for flipping, which is #6. Like it or not, to make more than 12% you will need to flip, stocks, UITF’s, bonds, MMF, MF, securities…Once you are over the top of your 2% passbook earnings, and past the 30days holding period, look for the trend or up coming mountain peek, of your fund…If you miss it, dont worry, there will be more, but check the same date, same month for the past 3 to 5 years and see if you notice a TREND or if it is common to peek, or dropped at that time of year…It usually is…It usually is, because of insider trading, and stock manipulation…(Flip them, meaning, sell them, and buy again) #7.Then wait for the valley, or drop, and buy back the units, or Shares, at a lower prices..much lower price…DO NOT SPEND IT IT IS NOT YOUR MONEY IT IS YOUR CHILD’S EDUCATION…#8. You do not have to sell the full amount, if you are scared…EXAMPLE IS: You bought, 20K of Balance fund and 20K of an equity, at King Kano Bank, you can sell, 10K of each, or just 10K of one, and wait to see if it drops, or purchase, corporate feeder funds, Bonds, or UITF MF or MMF, short, or long term funds, and this is called diversification, but I find Balance and equities pays more, over the long term, but this is good if you become weak in knees, at the volatility of equity fund and it’s good practice and fun…If you lose a few pesos but you learn something, isn’t a good education? You are getting good advice from Miss Fehl, for free, so you made money here, today…*****You can always sell the bonds, MMF and MF’s, whatever, it is, after the holding time, and put it bank, but make sure you wait until you break even…You need to earn, at the very least, 2.5% before you sell….****Also, do not invest when the market is high, buy low…Do we know where low is, or the floor? No…I bought 3.5 Million Php in UITF’s, and I thought it was the floor, it was not…I am still waiting for the correction, from August 2015…Miss Fehl?

      • I did not make this part clear and it hurt me financially, and that is, unlike stocks, where as an example, you can own, 100 shares of Joe’s Market, and sell only 50 shares, because you are buying, BY the share, or a “Piece of the action…” Unlike UITF’s, at least at BDO, I owed 500K of their BDO Balanced Fund, and the 500K was divided into units, which should be the same thing, (YOU WOULD THINK BUT NOT AT BDO) We only wanted to sell, 40K, or 40K worth of units, and were not allowed…Ruth and I had to sell, all 500K, the full face value, of the ownership certificate, for a terrible loss…Therefore, we lost, 35K, give or take, since we bought it on August 3rd, just before the crash of August 24th 2015…The good part of this mess, if there is a good part, and that is, I will buy 125K worth of the same BDO Balance Fund, which is worse now—way down—far below what we sold it at, BUYING THIS TIME in 25K amounts, NOT one 500K amount so I will hold 5—25K certificates of ownership, for a total of 125K of the BDO Balance Fund….I will buy, an additional, 125K of their BDO Focused Equity Fund, which is way down—-doing terrible…also buying this additional 125K of the BDO Focused Equity Fund, in 25K amounts, getting 5—25K certificates of ownership and yes, pissing Miss Joy off, at the bank, sorry miss Joy…I suggest, when you buy UTIF’s, do not assume, they are managed, like stocks…They should be, but are not…Frankly, I not think banks have the IQ to be able to do it right…Miss Fehl, since this is about Stocks, VS UITF’s, maybe if you have time, post this in tagolog, because it killed me

      • thanks Ms. Fhel. another question po is mutual fund same with stock market in the sense na if long term ang goal don’t need to sell agad once the navps go up? wait ka lang until ma reach mo yung target period mo so you don’t mind if the navps will go up tom or next month…thanks

    • @Miss Joan: Short answer is—depends…Holding on to or flipping any investment, is all a matter of choice, and a choice which should be made with research and following trends. Longer answer, in my opinion, all investments are able to be held or flipped…Again, a matter of choice and investor suitability…I prefer to flip them, because if I don’t, those morons in the market, will crash the market, (Causing a downward trend, or stop the momentum, we had prior to August 24th) causing me to wait for an honest, solid correction, as I have been doing, since August 24th, then you have financial news events, changes in world governments, and any other silly excuse, which causes people to knee jerk and sell high, bringing down the momentum of the market, and you are stuck with lower than normal market prices, once again, waiting to go up…Miss Fehl, do you agree, if she is willing to wait and does not wish to flip investments, she should own, either bonds, mutual funds, which is not good to hold for now, due to low yields, or equity funds and stocks and ride the tide, and maybe learn how to flip in time…It sounds to me she does not wish to mess around with flipping investments and I not blame her, but you need to find out what she is honestly willing to do to help her investments

      • What I mean, Miss Fehl, is, she never showed interest in yield, which shows risk level and risk suitability? It is hard to make suggestions, if one does not state desires for high, or lower yields, or rates of returns, client suitability…We not know anything about her, such as income sources, married or single, kids, how many, job security, does she have the ability to invest monthly, or quarterly, which is private, I understand, but the client can give client suitability by asking longer more direct questions…@Miss Joan, I do not mean to be rude, but you need to do your homework, first, which I feel, you did not…You seem to be a shy, humble, sweet, calm, person, and this will not work in the investment game, or here…No one appreciates the womanly charm of the Filipina value her lady like personality, for I value and will protect the honor of any Filipina, but in the world of investment, there are no men, or women, only winners and losers…investors still can be women, still remain female, modest, and honest, but all investors, male or female must be aggressive, hungry, and sorry not lazy…If you are at the lazy stage, which we all start out, at, and refuse to do your homework, which happens, you should for now, for the next 5 years, just buy 60% Mutual Funds and 40% bonds, which will be tough during the rate raise of the USA Federal Reserve, so , ask Miss Fehl for direction, on Mutual Funds which she has listed here..I prefer, if one wishes to buy Bonds, buy Bonds, in UITF Bond packages, or portfolios, or funds, at banks near you, focus on China Bank, Coconut Growers, BPI, BDO, all having nice easy to follow UITF bond funds, and they are easy to get in and out, but high buy-ins…Miss Fehl?

  20. Hi Ms Fhel, I know that you’ve been receiving a lot of emails/messages like this everyday. Pero po kasi litong litong lito pa rin po ako regarding Mutual Fund. So my question is, if PhilEquity Fund is allowing P5,000 starting investment with additional 1K monthly? Thanks.

    • Thanks. Yes, Philequity Fund accepts 5K minimum initial and 1K minimum additional. Meaning you can invest 5K or higher at the start and add up 1K or higher on your next placements. You can check out our review about Philequity to learn more.

  21. Hi Ms. Fehl, I am planning to invest in mutual funds. Can you please share what specific criteria did you use in picking a good mutual fund. Hope you can help on this. Thank you:)

  22. I think I got lost, AGAIN, or just too new at this…LET ME WING THIS AND TELL ME HOW I DID..Mutual funds are bought as a share unlike UITF’S, WHICH YOU BUY UNITS? With Mutual Funds, you want to invest, example, 500 php, and each share is 199 php each, you can only buy 2 shares, unlike UITF’s where in my case, I can give the bank, 500 php and they will give me a certificate for 2.5125. Even though, mutual funds seem to be, in them selves, a port folio: They can be part of someones portfolio, having bond, stock, securities and mutual funds, same as UITF’s? How did I do?

    • Yes, you’re right. Mutual Funds are like corporations. You become a shareholder when you have shares in the Fund itself. I think that is why in MF your shares are in whole numbers unlike with UITFs, they can be 2.5125… Yes, UITF and MF are both pooled investments of money instruments like bonds, deposits, stocks etc.

  23. Ms. Fehl, nagbibigay po ba ng dividend ang mga MF like Philequity? if meron po, in what form? share or money? my Philequity kc ako ang subscribe ako through COL. Salamat po

  24. Ms. Fehl, tanong ko lng about MF. Example mayroon akong 1000shares, with 100navps. after 6months naging 110ang navps nia, meaning naggain ako ng 10 per share. but after a year bumalik xa sa 100navps, it means ba wala akong kinita for 1 year? and if naging 90navps nia ibig sabihin nalugi ako ng 10per navps? tama po ba?

    • Yes, pero hindi ka pa naman literal na lugi since hindi mo pa naman yan niredeem 🙂 The mutual fund may still perform better and could double or triple gain if you will give it more time to grow. What type of MF ba pinili mo? May time frame din kasi yan kung kelan mo talaga makikita ang gain and depende din sa market and economic factors. Like right now, the stock market is on a sharp drop so expect na lahat ng equities sobrang baba din.

      • Ms. Fehl, Thank you for confirmation, Yes d pa ko lugi kc d ko pa po na redeem, naisip ko lng din kahit pla ilang taon ka na nag invest basta bumaba ang value parang at naging the same ang value ng pera mo. kaya pla ang iba nag nag short term lng. by the way nag take po ako ng Philequity from COL using my 100k php. nag gain xa nung una around 2k pero since mababa ang market today loss ako ng 9k. pero ok lng babawi nmn ang PSEi.

        • Yes, pwede bumalik ang value ng NAVPS a year ago or any other day. Sabi nga nila, everyday is a new day. Hindi laging down and market. The secret is don’t worry too much if you’re investing good companies naman and it’s for long term, mag-grow naman ang value ng investment mo

  25. Same question here. Nag invest ako sa Philequity Fund last month, green naman sya until nag add ako ng 1k this month and it appeared red na… Kelan ba dapat mag invest? Mas maganda ba mag invest kapag mas mababa ang NAVPs?

    • Hi. Yes, that’s the logic of investing, you’ll gain more if you buy shares when NAVPS is lower but then we don’t usually know when is that so I recommend investing monthly especially if you’re into Equity Funds as they are suited for 5 years or more

  26. Fehl ng invest ako sa mutual fund ng Sunlife Prosperity Bond Fund.. Maganda ba yan ng MF company? kailan ako mg additional ng invest nyan katulad dn ba sa stock investment buy if the Narvs is low? Tama ba?


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