5 Reasons Why You should Invest in Mutual Funds

5 Reasons Why You should Invest in Mutual Funds right now.

Mutual Funds can now be opened online. That is why we’re making more posts to introduce these investments for you.

The earlier you learn and understand about mutual funds, the sooner you can open an account.

The earlier you invest, the better.

In this page, we’re going to share five things why you should go for MF.

5 reasons why you should Invest in Mutual Funds

It makes money effortlessly.

money effortlessly

Mutual Funds like Money Market funds and Bond Funds generate more income than regular savings and time deposits.

If you have a hundred thousand sleeping in your bank account, it could make 60K in 3 years through an Equity Fund without an effort from you.

If you have a million pesos, it could give you another 6-figure. You don’t need a diploma to earn that money, all you need is TIME and patience.

Mutual Funds are managed by experts and professionals.

5 reasons why you should invest on mutual funds

Yup, there are already experts who do the toughest work to manage your funds. These fund managers are professionals who execute strategies so that mutual funds perform better and meet their targets.

Your money will be diversified on different funds.

diversified investments

Mutual Fund investments are allocated on different money instruments. They can be allocated on special deposits, bonds, T-bills and the like or they can be allocated on different stocks.

They key here is to know your risk appetite and know your goal to choose the mutual fund that suits you.

It means you’re not afraid of taking risks.

why you should invest on mutual funds

Some people are happy enough with time deposits or savings accounts to keep their money. There is no problem about that.

But if you are keeping your money for long term, you’re only keeping it without earning.

Invest for long term and let the risks grow your money.

You earn the best investment there is – knowledge.

investing money

When you add investments, you get to know more about finance and how money works. You are wiser now.

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21 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why You should Invest in Mutual Funds”

  1. Hi Ms. Fehl, Sobrang interested po ako sa MF at gusto ko po mg-open ng COL account. Pero gusto ko lang po itanong, yung COL po ba is an MF ompany itself or platform lang po sya kung saan pwede bumili ng shares at mg-invest?

  2. I know I posted a lot and talk much, and I know you have many post here, but when you find time, can you help my brain take this all in, about Bonds and the FEDS rate hike…I have read too much stuff on this but I need to know if I got it right…My opinion is, which you are free to change, is to get out of bonds of any kind, unless you have bonds that you personally bought? Have paperwork with full disclosures? if you don’t have a fixed percent income payment, example 4% a year? And, it seems, that owning your own bonds, with full disclosure is better than let’s say the bank of King Kano, UITF Bond fund? Or did I get it backwards? Before the US FED pulls the trigger, can you vise us all, especially those who hold, or like bonds, what to do? I suggest to sell all form of bond fund until the FED acts, then check new pie charts. I need help

    • It’s great to see your thoughts here and I like it even if you talk a lot, that just means you are smart. 🙂 And I must thank you for replying to many questions when I’m not around here. Thank you. 🙂 I think bonds from the government like Treasury Bonds are better because the government has direct obligation to pay them unlike bonds from other entities like corporate bonds. Bonds from UITF are pooled and usually mixed with other money instruments so it’s better if you buy bonds directly from specific accounts. If you’ve got profit already, then sell them now and wait for the dust to settle.

  3. Hello Ms. Fehl, just need to know how MF really works, if parang stocks din ba sya…. what i mean is, assuming I purchased an MF with present NAVPS as 4.0686…. after a month or two nag appreciate sya meaning kumita na yung share mo, to realize the gain you need to sell what you have otherwise kung bumaba sya much lower to the NAVPS na pagkabili mo so talo ka, tama po ba pag kaintindi ko.. salamat

      • Hello po…i have been reading and following your blog posts. Really very informative and helpful especially for people who have little knowledge about stocks and mutual funds. I just started stock investing last year through COL Financial and I’am also very much interested with mutual funds. I just have one question, “How do we realize gains from MF, what do you mean by we have to redeem the shares to realize the gains?”

        Thank you so much for taking the time to read my comment and I look forward to your reply.

        More power to you Ms. Fehl and may God bless you always.

        • Hi Fatima. Thank you for visiting. MF is just like stocks, you have to buy shares and let them grow in value to make profit. But unlike stocks, you have to redeem your shares instead of selling them. Amounts are expressed on NAVPS (Net Asset Value Per Share)

  4. Hello po. Medyo di connected sa article itong concern ko. I heard from a friend na pwede na din daw po magbigay ng dividends ang mga UITFs. How true is that? 🙂

  5. Hello,

    Anong mutual company po ang highly recommended at trusted? gusto ko rin po sanang mag.invest sa mutual fund. thanks


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