SMPH Stocks Earnings – How We Got 11K and Gained 22.91%

This is how we got 11,400 investing SMPH stocks and gained over 22.91% from our original investment.

SMPH was one of our stock picks listed under Magic 10 and Undervalued Stocks here in DailyPik. It was among our Fantastic 5 stocks.

Indeed SMPH stocks gave us fantastic earnings after months of investing in the middles of the stock market slow movement this year.

In case you have missed, here’s the post why we included SMPH on our first batch of recommended stocks: “Why should we invest SMPH stocks.”

SMPH Stocks Earnings Report

You probably already know the secret by now which is actually not a secret anymore, the greatest tip in investing a high-quality stock like SMPH is buying shares every month as long as the price is under the BBP (Buy-Below-Price).

Yup, just practice that patiently even if the stock market seems scary or some of your friends panic or you hear or read financial blogs about how you must be scared of investing because those news will never stop.

It’s the real world of the market. We are passive investors here and we choose the best and premium stocks carefully under Magic 10.

Last Friday, SMPH already hit our TP (22.50) and sold it at 22.65 in the afternoon.

smph stocks earnings dailypik

The second tip is selling when the Target Price is already hit.

Do not anticipate or expect the price will go up because it will go up or it will not.

Just sell and be happy with your sure earnings. We do not want you to regret and rely on ‘what-ifs’.

Time is money, we must not talk about the shouda-woulda-coulda because it’s done.

When you sell at your Target, you fulfilled your plan and must be happy because you never lost an opportunity, you must spend another opportunity by investing other worthy stocks.

Earning 11K in 11 months? Geez even my Equity Fund is kinda shy now with its performance.

smph forecast
smph stocks

Congrats if you also gained around 22.91% buying 300 shares of SMPH every month following our picks. That is another early Christmas Bonus for us.

Cheers and happy investing!

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15 thoughts on “SMPH Stocks Earnings – How We Got 11K and Gained 22.91%”

  1. Hi Ma’am. how do you know ifthe price is under the BBP (Buy-Below-Price)?? im a newbie. id like to invest in bluechip companies. like smph, mbt and MER Please advise thanks!

  2. Hello Ms Fehl,
    May I know if there’s any Philippine broker that can buy & sell US stocks. I’m looking for a Phil broker for ease of deposit & especially withdrawal of funds.
    Thank you so much for your reply

  3. Hello Ms Fehl.. Im just starting in stocks. Im under BPI Trade. They dont have the BBP portion unlike COL. Do you have site recommendation where can we monitor stocks with the BBP portion and the # of shares to buy? Would really appreciate a reply. Thanks!

  4. Ma’am Fehl just want to ask if it’s still possible to buy stocks during Pre-Open / Pre Close of Market…i’m monitoring a stocks of a friend and I see low prices at that time.. 15 mins before the closing time of Trading.

  5. Thanks Ms. Fehl for your investment tips. I have also gained when I sold my stocks of SMPH. It may be a small gain, but a gain nonetheless even though I’m a newbie…

  6. Hi Miss Fehl,

    Good day!

    What are your thoughts about CPG and VLL? their estimated growth are high compare to all stocks in your undervalued stocks column. Premium companies din po ba sila?
    Newbie po ako sa stock almost 1 month pa lang po ako, I’m following magic 10 strategy din po, thanks po pala sa free web site nyo dami kong natutunan.

    God bless always

  7. I’m a newbie in investing and invested also in SMPH only last Sept. 3, 2015 and gained 14.88% for just less than 2-months by following your guidance. Thanks a lot Fehl.

      • Hi Ms. Fehl. Been seriously staying on your page daily since I started investing in stocks (that was 2 months ago). I admire you for being so unselfish sharing your knowledge and experiences in stocks investing. As your avid follower, I sold my SMPH shares and gained 400 pesos. Haha! So happy although small profit but since it was my first selling experience, and it was only from holding stocks in two months the feeling was full of happiness and excitement. (I know I will make more profit in premium stocks following your Magic 10 🙂 By the way, since you mentioned that stocks will melt down again before or after Christmas, I think I need to have an emergency fund in my COL account aside from my regular funding amount 🙂


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