How to Request Stock Certificate at COL Financial for Visa Application

Are you applying for a visa to travel to Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada or any other country?

Well if you are a travel junkie like me, I always make time to request stock investment certificates to add supporting documents for my visa applications. Why?

Because stock investments and equity mutual funds are one of the evidences of financial capacity and strong tie to our country.

I attached my stock investment certificate for my United Kingdom tourist visa and Japan tourist visa application recently and I surprisingly got a Multiple Entry visa for UK and 5-Year Multiple Entry visa for Japan.

I was surprised because it was my first time getting those visas and they were very kind to give me multiple entry yay!

I think it helped my application to be approved somehow. Now I am sharing here that tip no matter how much your portfolio is worth.

For the UK tourist visa, there is even a field on the application form you need to fill out that asks “Do you have savings, properties or other income, for example from stocks and shares?” and a field for your Total Monthly Income from Stocks and Shares.

So for those who are wondering about how to request stock certificate for visa application at COL Financial, this post if for you.

Note that the document is a certification that proves latest stock positions and their value.

I am sharing here about requesting one for tourist visa application purpose only.

How to Request Stock Certificate at COL Financial for Visa Application

Log in to your COL Financial account

On the dashboard, select the Service Inquiry tab on the blue menu

stock certificate col visa appication

Go to the bottom part that says: Stock Certificate/Inquiry. Since our purpose is to request stock certificate for visa application, we have to email

Email and tell them you are requesting a certification for your visa application. COL Financial will then reply about your request and will send you a form you need to fill out and sign.

Fill out that form and send it back to the email. The form looks like this:

request stock certificate visa application purpose

After receiving your signed form, COL Financial will then deduct some fees associated with your certification request.

If you opted for courier delivery, the certificate will be delivered the next day if you are in Manila or nearby provinces. If you live farther, it may take 2-3 days.

Stock Investment Certification for Visa Application

The certificate looks like this one below. It simply shows the embassy your latest stock and equity portfolio and their market value.

It is not the stock certificate per company that you are a shareholder with.

The document I am referring here is the single piece of paper that summarizes your stock and equity portfolio and cash position with the stock broker.

Now you got my drift.

stock certification for visa application purpose

Stocks are paper assets, they make part of your net worth so they provide additional proof of your financial capacity and financial status.

If you have shares of stocks on some companies in the Philippines, it also shows ties to this country.

It’s like saying, “oh this person has stocks investments from companies in the Philippines, she definitely has reasons to return home after her trip abroad.” Hence, it has benefits for tourist visa application.

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62 thoughts on “How to Request Stock Certificate at COL Financial for Visa Application”

  1. Hello! What if I don’t have an itr, but I have stocks, equity,mutual, uitf and Vul accounts? Do u think That’s okay, plus a cover letter? Thank you

    • Hi 🙂 Depending on the country where you are applying a visa. Every country’s requirements are different. What country are you applying?

      • Hello, I also have the same question as the previous commenter. I will be travelling to Japan. Is it enough to include a cover letter saying that I am self-employed by being a stock trader and that my transactions are already deducted with tax, hence, showing to them that I am a tax payer? Thank you.

        • Hi, Jasmine. If you are self-employed, you need to show your business licenses (DTI and Mayor’s permit), ITR, and bank certificate. Taxes from stocks are different from income taxes from profession and business.

  2. Hello Fehl. Ask ko lang, need ba talaga original copy of certification ang e-submit sa Japan embassy for Visa application? What if I choose the option “scan and email to my registered email“, ako nalang ang mag-print ng certification sana.

    • Hi 🙂 Supporting doc siya, walang specific requirement if pwedi ang scanned copy pero syempre best pa din ang original copy. Always give your best shot to have the visa. It’s your choice 😉

    • Yes, they specify the number of shares per company and their market value per company as well. They also specify the total equity value of your stocks

  3. Hello , i got 6 months multiple visa but its already expired and been in uk for 1 month from dec 17 2017 to feb 2 2018 . My question is can i re apply visit visa again? Thank you for the answer

  4. This is very helpful and exactly what I’m looking for! Just a few questions:

    1) Is there a minimum amount of months (e.g. 6 months) required as a COL account holder before they could issue a stock certificate?

    2) I’m applying for a visa to 3 different countries, can I just use the same certificate and request to omit the address? Or do I have to request for 3 separate stock certificates? Can I request for multiple stock certificate?

    Thank you so much!

    • Hi 🙂
      1. This stock certification is for visa purpose, I don’t think they require minimum months as the certificate states equity value when it was issued.
      2. You should request 3 certificates with 3 different addresses because that is the requirement per embassy

      Hope that helps. Cheers!

  5. Hi Ms Fehl. I just came home from the UK last May for a 6-month visitor visa. I just applied for a months’ stay, however, had to spend the entire duration of my visa for some good reasons. Now, I am thinking of applying for another visa but this time would only be for a month seriously as I don’t wanna lose my job here, however, a bit worried that it’s too soon to do it. Some would say I need to wait for at least 6 months to reapply. Can you give me some light on this..xx
    Thank you in advance and God Bless!xx

    • Hi 🙂 I also suggest take a break before you apply. They might wonder why you’re applying too soon after you’ve been in the UK for 6 months. Visit other European countries if you want 🙂

  6. Good day!

    “Do you have savings, properties or other income, for example from stocks and shares?” and a field for your Total Monthly Income from Stocks and Shares.

    What should I input on this field? When I am investing long term and I don’t really have specific monthly income from stocks?

  7. paano po kaya ako, im unemployed and my only source of income is stock trading. Maapprove po kaya ako? Or should i get affidavit of support from my tita?

    • Hi Jen 🙂 Well unemployed applicants tend to have lower chance of visa approval. You may try getting support but it’s not a guarantee you’ll be approved

  8. hi! I have this VUL and my policy is still active since 2014. However, this is under Insurance company unlike COL financial. If possible, what certification can I get from them? Thanks!

    I have the access on my portal online (like investment/fund value), anytime.

    • Hi, if you’re requesting certification for visa application, I recommend getting it 5 working days before your embassy appointment kasi idedeliver yan 2-3 days pa

  9. Hi Ms. Fehl, I have account in Col Financial and fund of 5,000 maybe 3 years ago na, but until now my account haven’t move because I don’t know what to do and how to invest? I already attended seminar from Col financial pero di ko pa rin na gets how to invest. May I know the step by step how to invest? Thank Ms. Fehl. God bless you.

    • Hi Raquel 🙂 Wow, why did you not invest in 3 years? I encourage monthly investing for beginners..Invest a blue chip of your choice monthly following your budget. Blue chip companies like ALI, BDO, JFC, SMPH

  10. Thanks for sharing, sabi nga share your blessing.. Thank you talaga, your helping us the way that u can, and thank u is not enough.. I have learned a lot, from all your blogs. God bless you Mam.. More to come, cheers..

  11. Hi ms Fehl! Would a stock certificate be sufficient enough for visa application or do we still have to show a SOA of our CASA? I don’t have much money in my CASA acct since I like to place my extra money where hindi ko madaling magalaw i.e. stocks, mutual funds.

    Btw, your blog is a really big help! Thank you for imparting your knowledge! ????

    • Hello Becca 🙂 Bank Certificate and SOA are still required. Stock certification is just a supporting doc to prove other assets. Have a great day!

  12. thank you so much for imparting your knowledge Ms. Fhel. God bless you.

    may i ask if sa mga UITF like BPI and BDO we can also request a certification?

  13. You are one of a kind! thank you for sharing your talent with us! i have learned a lot from your site!! Godbless you always! 🙂

  14. Thanks for sharing Fehl. Nagstart ako mag invest sa stock market and sa mutual funds because of the information I learned from you on this website, and I’m happy I did. May you continuously share your knowledge and be blessed even more. Thank you!

  15. wow! another great info Ms. Fehl, hulog ka ng langit para sa mga nag invest sa stocks market, lalo na sa mga bago na mataas ang pangarap… the more blessing you shared the more blessing come in. God Bless Us.

    • Hi Geralt 🙂 Yes, You can attach them together with your bank certificate and Statement of Account. Don’t forget to mention about it at your cover letter. Cheers!

    • Hi Jhen 🙂 You can also request certification of your stocks for visa application at BDO Nomura or any other broker. God bless!

      • Thank you very much Ms. Fehl, you blogs help me a lot , i just started to buy stocks based on your suggested companies, at first i was hesitant because i am a single mother of 3 but with the help of your blogs ([philpad & dailypik) and lakas ng loob i tried and so far happy naman. Now i’m teaching my daughters to start investing, sabi nga start small and dream big. thank you again and God Bless.

        • Hi Jhen 🙂 Thank you for your message here. I admire you teaching your kids to start investing. I’m sure they’re gonna be millionaires so early 🙂 Once you have the knowledge na, lalakas na talaga ang loob naten diba? God bless!

    • P100 per certificate + courier of P200. If you are near their office, you can just pick it up for free. You also have the option to have it scanned and emailed to you but I chose the courier way since I live outside Manila and I wanted to submit the original signed certificate to the embassy


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