How to Buy Stocks Online Using BDO Nomura

How to buy stocks online using BDO Nomura? Here is the the step by step guide many of you have requested.

We have discussed about the latest addition in the family of online trading brokers, BDO Nomura. We are making series of posts about using this platform.

I have been receiving feedback about BDO Nomura online trading platform recently and just like them, I was also contemplating at first how to use it as the tabs and tools were so classic to me.

The first time of using it buying stocks was straight forward although I was struggling to find out about my Cash Balance or available fund on my account.

Perhaps, just like using a brand new car, you have to drive it to get to know it better. Using it more often will result in smooth and faster mastery of it.

So far, I am liking BDO Nomura especially the SOA (Statement of Account) I receive regularly.

Such certificates can be used as supporting documents on some applications like VISA applications on embassies or consulate offices. I will talk about that on other page.

How to Buy Stocks Online Using BDO Nomura?

  1. Log in to your BDO Nomura Account (use your BDO Online Banking username and password)
  2. Select Trade. Another window will open on a new tab. You will be redirected to PSETradex platform.
buy stocks using bdo nomura

3. Make sure you have funds available on your account. Don’t know how to check your cash balance? Go to this page: How to Find and Check Cash Balance in BDO Nomura

Now that you have enough cash balance and you know your trading limit, you can now buy shares of stocks of your preferred company.

4. On the dashboard (Quote Screen), you can type a stock code.

If you are a beginner and you are not sure of the stock code of your chosen company, no worries.

Just type in the company name on the Search Symbol box.

In the example below, I search for Ayala Land and want to know the info about it before I buy.

invest stocks using bdo nomura

5. You will see a Green Screen at the bottom of the page which indicates order information of your chosen stock.

In this example I am buying on the Normal Board Lot, 100 shares of ALI.

Since I want to buy on this day only, I will choose the Day Validity.

Note that you can also use other trade validity like FAK (Fill-and-Kill Order), GTC (Good Till Cancelled) and GTD (Good Till Date).

If you want to know more about these different Validity Trade terms, just read the explanations below.

how to buy stocks online using bdo nomura

Types of Order Validity

  • Day – orders will remain valid until the end of the Trading Day
  • FAK – referred as “Execute-and-Eliminate Orders”. Any remaining unexecuted portion of a FAK order is eliminated.
  • GTC  (Good Till Cancelled) – orders will remain valid until the order is executed, until you cancelled the order or until it reached the set expiration date of the instrument.
  • GTD ( Good Till Date) – orders allows you to enter a specific date and time of day when you would like for your order to expire. GTD trades usually have a maximum duration of 90 calendar days.

The rest I want to leave blank. Type in your Trade PIN and click the BUY bottom.

6. Now you will see a notification like this about your Buy Orders. Check them and confirm by pressing OK.

bdo nomura guide in buying stocks

7. Then you will see another notification like this.

trade stocks using bdo nomura

8. Finally, you can check the status of your orders by going to the Order Book tab. You can also check out your Portfolio (Equities) tab to see all your stocks there.

Happy investing and trading!

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64 thoughts on “How to Buy Stocks Online Using BDO Nomura”

  1. Hi I bought a share then it reflected in my Order History and I saw that it was deducted in my buying power.. then later in the evening the amount I invested was returned in my account and in the history it was stated expired… I didn’t change any limit or day during my transactions… was it cancelled? I wonder why.

  2. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    I’m a newbie at NOMURA. I followes the steps your provided to buy stocks, but it keeps on being rejected. It states status: unknown. My balance nman ako, but it keeps rejecting my orders. What to do po?

  3. Hi Ms Fehl.

    I tried to place an order but I keep receiving this message. It’s not allowing me to proceed. “Not sufficient Current Limit where CL(0.00) < Contract Buy Value"

  4. Hi I have a question. Order status filled pero hindi nag aapear sa portfolio ko yung stocks. Using bdo nomura. Hope you can help

  5. Hi Ma’am Fehl,
    I’m planning to Trade , Its my first time , what will i do first step and how much is the lowest amount can i trade?

  6. Hello Ms. Fehl

    Kakaopen ko lang po ng BDO Nomura ko and new in stocks din, ask ko lang sana about buying shares, I followed the steps din namna po kaso nga lang don sa Order Pad palaging sinasabi Invalid Lot Size, inag try po ako ng ION and ALI kaso palagi pong invalid then rejected lahat ng na buy ko sa order book.
    Pano ko po ba malalaman or saan ko po makikita yung board lot na sa quantity ng bibilhin kung shares?
    Please help, gusto ko matuto
    Thank you in advance.

  7. hello….newbie in stocks here can i ask what does this mean:

    “Invalid Lot Size. Quantity must be valid against the board lot table. Please try again.

    try ko sana mag buy ng 100 shares, pero everytime na mag try ako mag buy laging ganyan ang sagot nya sa bdo nomura. nman gusto ko lang matuto how to buy stocks.


  8. Hello po! Student palang ako, may mabibiling stocks ba ang 500 ko? Ok lang kahit konti yung returns basta nadadagdagan lang para may pang gastos sa projects etc. May BDO account po ako.

  9. hi po. i placed an order po to buy stocks sa bdo nomura. kaso ang gap po yung price so hindi na filled yung order. ano po ba yung pwedeng gawin in this situations?thanks po

  10. Good DAy,

    I Just wanna ask. I fund my Nomura Account from my savings account in BDO, but when i check my Balance on my trading account, it shows 0.0 and when i check my transaction history on my savings, it was debited already. May i know what is the best solution to this issue? looking forward to your reply. Thank you!

    • Thanks for mentioning this issue. I was on the brink of opening a trading account on Nomura but canceled it after reading your comment. I think I’ll stick to UITF for now.

  11. Hi Fhel!

    Upon buying, i received this error message “Invalid Lot Size. Quantity must be valid against the board lot table. Please try again.”

    Your thoughts on this please.


    • Follow the Boardlot of the stocks. You can find the info by checking out the stock first. If the boardlot is 10 for example, you can only buy in tens (10, 20, 30, 100, 200, 250 or anything in tens)

  12. Hi ma’am any idea po sa mga errors when buying ? every time i buy a stock , and check sa order book , laging rejected , then when i check the order detail eto usually nakukuha kong errors:

    Rejected order:(1083): All or None order must be Immediate.
    Rejected order:(246): Order with minimum fill restriction may not also have hidden quantity

    mostly un 1083 un madalas ko nakukuha.

    Thanks in advance

    • It seems to be a common problem with BDO Nomura. Luckily, I have not personally encountered one. I just follow the boardlot and select the top ASK price, and make sure my funds are enough and still have remaining funds. If you will encounter issue again, I suggest contact BDO Nomura. I read from a fellow investor here that common errors are being reported and fixed naman 🙂 God bless!

      • Mam fehl good day… i just start my bfo nomura nag try lang muna ako ng 2k but i cant buy stock parating sinasabi INVALID LOT SIZE MUST BE VALID AGAINS THE BOARD LOT TABLE??? saan po ba makikita yung board lot table…

  13. Hi how many days till the funds get transferred from a BDO Account to BDO Nomura? In my case, amount is deducted right away on my account but the amount did not reflect on BDO Nomura yet?

  14. Gud Day, Miss Fehl. I’m already currently investing in the stock market thru COL Financial. pinopondohan ko po ito thu my BDO online banking. Tanong ko lang po sa BDO nomura ba ung buying power ko pwede ko agad ma ilipat sa BDO account ko? Salamat.

    • Yes, but you need to make a Withdrawal Request first via BDO Nomura Withdrawal menu. The funds will be be credited to your BDO Settlement account.

  15. Hi Ms.Fehl, thanks for sharing this. 😀 May I ask if it is possible to meet you somewhere on your most convenient time? thanks 😀

  16. good day, maam what about the “” in porfolio section?e.g. yesterday the “” in my share on bdo was 122.4php. but today its change to 124.6php?it is normal maam?sorry maam.newbie in here.

    • Totally normal, it will change everyday because of stock price movement vs the original price when you bought the stocks

  17. Thank you Fehl for this detailed tutorial. I’ve just signed up with BDO Nomura and it’s a complete jargon for me now. Ha ha

    • how many days will it take for the approval of BDO Nomura account application. I applied on Friday 20 October and it was successful. But until now i did not receive any confirmation mail from BDO.

  18. hi upon buying a stock there is a dropdown for the price. Does that mean that i can choose a higher or lower price? Please enlighten me. thanks!

  19. I can’t go thru your tutorial for when I click Trade the page wouldn’t load. I hope BDO Nomura will fix this. It’s frustrating.

      • Thanks for the reply. I submitted a support ticket to BDO Nomura and said to mitigate the issue, one should use high speed internet without connection lost. Intermittent connections might cause the problem to appear.

        • I’m using 10 mbps connection now, it loads just fine. I remember it was also loading ok when I was using a 3 mbps. I suggest use the latest version of Firefox or Google Chrome as your browser, they are faster than any other browser. Cheers!

  20. How to know the minimum investment per company.. I tried to buy stocks but it says here that i didnt reach the minimum order

  21. Just want to ask, if I place an order (buy) and it got cancelled will I still pay transaction fees? Likewise, if I place a sell and it does not get sold, will I still pay transaction fees?

  22. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    Im an OFW and difficult to buy sharesdue to time difference, can I buy shares during closed time.
    BTW, Im into PCA.


  23. Again tried attempts of BUY Orders all rejected, portfolio still empty as seen in order status “Rejec…”. Total ordered value exceeded my fund though Total Matched value is 0.0 Does it mean no trax is on queue ? Thanks.

  24. Hi to Miss Fehl and everybody . on the portfolio equities tab ? WHat is the LACP column ??

    What does it mean ?

    Thank you in advanced for any answer

  25. Hi, noob question so I apologize: say for example I buy URC for 159 – it gets filled (I get the receipt and also see in the order history in Nomura for 159). Why is it that if I go into my Equities portfolio, under ‘Avg.Buy.Prc’ it has a higher value, like 161? As far as I can tell its calculating your Unrealistic G/L from the ‘Avg.Buy.Prc’ column so shouldn’t that value be the value you bought the stock at? Maybe I’m an idiot here but I don’t see the value I bought the stock in the Equities portfolio page…

  26. Hi Ms. Fehl, what do u think about utrade? What is the best platform tht you wld recommend to a beginner like me? Thank you.

    • Utrade by Unicapital Securities is another good broker but I have no personal experience about using its platform yet. My site is welcome for any review 🙂 For beginners, I recommend Col Financial


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