How to Make Money Investing CEB Stocks and Enjoy Traveling than Ever

How to make money investing CEB stocks and enjoy traveling than ever? This post I am sharing here also tells us why we included CEB among our Stock Picks.

Why should you Invest CEB Stocks?

  • CEB (Cebu Air Inc.) which also operates as Cebu Pacific Air, is the number one airline in the Philippines that offers the cheapest fare making it the market leader for domestic travel.
  • It is under the Gokongwei group of companies which has already established other successful companies.
  • CEB operates flights to 28 cities in 18 countries in North Asia, ASEAN, Australia and the Middle East but that doesn’t stop there.
  • According to forecasts, CEB’s core profit would double to around P6.5 Billion in 2015. It would be nice to have even just a little share of that profit.
cebu pacific stocks

Back in November, I already started to buy CEB stocks while its price was fair even if it was not among the “Strong Buy” stocks on my list.

However, the stock market went bananas and stocks stumbled so much many times.

There was even a big issue with Cebu Pacific in the holidays, too if you remember, for flights delays and flight cancellations during Christmas rush, when the airline was fined over 52 million pesos.

Stocks took a plunge again that I thought of selling my shares but I know CEB is worth the wait.

Many Filipinos fly every day. They go on vacations after vacations and there are many people having wanderlust nowadays.

Election is fast approaching too, for sure supplies need to be flown nationwide.

CEB stocks are still cheap. From our valuation, Fair Value is around 150 so it’s really good to buy and flip CEB stocks to make some money.

Yesterday, I already received some dividends from CEB. It’s really feasible to make some money using CEB stocks taking the opportunity while it’s undervalued right now.

Enjoy Traveling than Ever

If you’re one of those people who use Cebu Pacific when they travel, would it be so nice to have some shares of the company you’re always patronizing with?

You share some revenue when CEB makes revenue. Even if you only have few shares, you’re still a co-owner of the company even if your holdings won’t amount as much as an Airbus 330.

You may not keep your stocks forever but I think that is still something you can be proud of.

At least, you’re using what you’ve learned from your Economics or Accounting. You can also teach your children about this strategy.

The lesson I also want to share here is do not rely on your regular job-income to save more money.

Make passive income by owning some shares of stocks of great companies – buy them when they’re cheap and sell them when you made generous profit already.

ceb stocks forecast

These are my CEB stocks so far. Even though the situation of the stock market right now is not impressive, I know it will take more months before I can make more profit.

I still have time to buy more shares and sell these stocks when they reached my Target.

cebu pacific stocks
If you’re one of those people who use Cebu Pacific when they travel, would it be so nice to have some shares of the company you’re always patronizing with? You share some revenue when CEB makes revenue.
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44 thoughts on “How to Make Money Investing CEB Stocks and Enjoy Traveling than Ever”

  1. I just bought my initial 10 shares of Cebu Air Inc. about an hour ago. Do you think it is still a good buy at this time?

    I’m grateful to you and happy for this article about CEB stocks. I will buy more until April or May 2018, before it declares dividends in June 2018 (hopefully and if past schedules are to be believed). Thank you for your opinions.

  2. I have read the blog from and find more interesting at the same i was learning.Thank you ms.fhel
    I am planning to put an investment in philequity.

  3. Good day Ms. Fehl!!!.. I have been investing in CEB stocks. I noticed its price had not been moving for months. I have 110 shares, with an average price of 90. Should I stop? I am really afraid it won’t move higher anymore.

      • Thank you so much Miss Fehl…I am just so confused because it has only been 5 months since I started investing. I still consider myself as anewbie. This site is helping me a lot. BTW Miss Fehl, Truly Rich Club, as I heard from a friend, has put CEB into “stop buying” mode. But I believe in the product so much because I travel a lot also, so I guess I’ll keep on buying.

  4. Hi Ms. Fehl. Just want to say Thank you for the expert advise I am enjoying right now that I should be getting with thousands of pesos. I have discovered your site for the last two months now and I could say it’s worth a decision to follow your Recommended stocks. I am very happy with my FGEN and CEB portfolio right now. You are Gods gift to me. Thank you.

  5. Hi po miss fehl, i bought my cebu pac shares at 94.5 / stock and now its at 84/stock.. should i buy more? advice nmn po… Salamat

  6. Hi Ms. Fehl, I’m new in the stock market just like to know if TEL and GLO stocks are good for long term investment. Thank you.

    • You must open an account with an online stockbroker, that’s the most convenient way so you can also trade and access your portfolio online while you’re outside the country. If you have an account in BPI, you can open for BPI Trade account. If you want to use the one we’re using here, you can open COL Financial account.

        • You must open an online broker account (like COL Financial, BPI Trade,, First Metro Sec etc.) Having an online broker platform is the most convenient and quickest way to invest and trade stocks

  7. Hi Ms. Fehl. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. May God bless you more.

    I think I made the mistake of holding my SMC stocks for 2 yrs. Would you advise me to sell today at a loss or have to practice patience and give this stock a second chance? 🙂

    • The market is on a sharp fall right now so I won’t advise you to sell your shares. Wait for things to recover. The market drop was affected by Chinese Yuan devaluation and it is not only the Philippines that is affected. Cheers!

  8. Glad I was able to discover your site… bookmarked for daily, weekly, monthly, future reference… kudos to you Ms. Fehl… God bless you more for being a blessing to us!

  9. ms fehl, just want to ask why the market value is less than or not equal to the market price multiplied by total shares? thank you so much for you free blog.

  10. Hello po ms Fehl.. I really need your expert advice.. I bought FGEN dahil recommend ni COL and Fantastic 5 pero patuloy lang siyang bumabagsak. Is it advisable na ibenta ko na siya at bumili nalang nitong FGEN kahit na 1,700+ na ang loss ko? thanks for response po GOD BlESS

  11. Fhel… minsan di ko maiwasang magtanong at mamangha…bakit free ang iyong sebisyo samantala libo sa iba? Salamat, 3wks palang ako sa stocks with 20k forfolio naka 2k+ na ako na gain. Bali kung ano yung point of convergence nyo ni COL iyun ang opinion na kinukuha ko. I thank God we have u.


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