Dividends Earnings from our Stocks Investments 2019

There are 2 ways to earn profit from stocks: the first one is when our stocks grow in value and the second one is when we receive dividends.

In this post, we compile all the dividends given to shareholders of our Stock Picks.

Before that, let me share a brief info about what dividends are and why it’s amazing to receive dividends.

What are Dividends?

Dividends are simply stocks bonus given to shareholders.

When a company made profit, they allocate some part of the earnings to shareholders in the form of dividends.

Stockholders usually receive dividends in the form of cash or shares of stocks.

Why it’s amazing to receive dividends?

  • Who wouldn’t want some gifts from the companies you invest with 🙂
  • It means that the company is making profit or has big cash reserve and that’s a plus for you.
  • It keeps us calm somehow when the market is down and we receive them anyway.

Sample Notice of Dividends:

dividends from stocks

I know dividends would not worth so much especially if you don’t have so much shares of stocks or when the company only give few cents per share but don’t let that upset you. Be thankful for any blessing, little or big.

Dividends Earnings from our Stocks 2019

The following dividends are issued for common shareholders of the following stocks.

Note that we only listed the dividends payable for 2019 associated with our stocks picks here in Dailypik.

Stocks will be added shortly after any dividend advice is announced. So bookmark this page to check it again.

Stock CodeDiv. TypeValueEx Div DateRecord DatePayable Date
SMCCashP0.3512/26/2018 1/2/20191/24/2019
BPICashP0.90 per common share1/3/20191/8/20191/29/2019
BPICashP0.90 per common share1/3/20191/8/20191/29/2019

Dividends Dates meaning:

  • Ex Div Date – is Ex-Dividend Date. It means any holder of shares at the end of the trading day before this date is entitled to receive dividend. Note that Buying on the Ex Div Date will not entitle you to dividends.
  • Record Date – if you are not a registered owner of the stocks as of this date, you will not be given dividends.
  • Payable Date – is the date when your dividends will be paid to you or will be credited to your account.
dividends earnings stock market

We’ll continue to add more and update the data above as our dividends keep coming. Cheers!

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98 thoughts on “Dividends Earnings from our Stocks Investments 2019”

  1. Good evening . If I’m using BDO Nomura , Will I still get dividends ? Are they going to notify me ? Where the dividends money go ? Thank you anyone for you answer .

  2. Hi , Ms Fehl. Ask ko lang po kung ano ibig sabihin nitong EW na dividend 50% Stocks po on April 2018? Thank you in advance sa reply.

  3. Hi ask ko LNG on how often do they give dividends? Is it monthly? Also how to know na magbibigay ng dividends ang company?

    • Every company declares dividends on different time. Some quarterly, some every other month, some yearly. It depends on the performance of the company. Dividends are like rewards to shareholders and there are different types of dividends. The one we share above is for common stockholders

    • you can’t… until in-announce ng company. Board of directors ang nag dedecide kung magbibigay o hindi… hindi ibig sabihin pag nagbigay ngaung taon eh magbibigay din next year. But generally, most companies na nagbigay ng dividends this yr ay magbibgay din nxt yr. Hindi ko lang alam kung sa pinas meron company na nagbibigay every quarter dahil sa US stocks meron ganon.

  4. GOOD DAY! Maam Fehl,
    gusto ko pong mag start mag invest, try ko mag buy stocks monthly, anu po ba tips ninyo for starter. Nakapag open po ako ng account sa COL Financial. Potion of my salary lang po ma iinvest ko, kaya medyo maliit lang… tnx sa tips…

  5. hi Ms Fehl i am trading almost every week as long as i gain already, then buy again another stocks fast moving price to be trade next day f gain. my 30,000 gains 2000 plus in a month….is this good please help what best strategy you’ve applied to maximize profit ? I almost read your blog a year. THANKS TO YOU MAAM IVE, STARTED. EVEN A LITTLE FUNDS IM USING NOMURA

  6. Good day Ms. Fehl wala kc akong natatanggap na notification na entitle ako sa dividend, pero pasok naman ako sa Ex Div Date. Then ang payable date ay nung Dec. 12 pa. Ibig sabihin ba nun wala akong dividend? Thanks

    • The usual thing is just to comply with the ex-div date regardless of how many shares you have unless there is a specific conditions set by the company releasing the dividends.

  7. Hi Ma’am Fehl,

    Im planning for a long term investments, ano po ang marerecommend nyo skn company n my mataas magbigay ng dividend?

    Thank you

  8. Hi,

    Tanong lang po about sa dividend ng MER for this august, nakalagay kasi sa COL: 8.872 (special) and 4.608 (regular). Are these both for common shares? Dito kasi pinagsama.


  9. Hi to all,

    Ask lang po regarding sa FGEN, according kasi sa COL News Details, magbibigay ang FGEN ng dividend payable ng July 25, 2016. Tama po ba yun? Pero bakit hindi po sya kasama dito sa list nyo? And wala din akong natanggap na dividend, already checked in the Monthly Account Ledger. Is there something wrong?

    Thank You in advance sa sasagot.

  10. i have the following Dividend info on MEG :
    ex-Date : 24-Jun-2016
    Record Date : 29-Jun-2016
    Date Payable : 22-Jul-2016

    My question : What IF i sold ALL of my MEG stock on July 14…. will i still receive dividends?


  11. good day Ms fehl

    ako din walang natangap na email para sa dividend ko sa mbt at urc nabili ko last year pa

    meron bang paraan na mkiita sa col acct. ko un mga natangap ko na dividend parang transaction history?

    thank you.

  12. Hello po, Ex-date 29 Mar 2016, Record date 01 Apr. 2016, Payable date: 08 Apr. 2016. I bought the stocks successively on Mar. 29 &30> Am I entitlrd for dividend? I have not received any mail yet from MBT.

    Thanks & more power Ms. Fehl

  13. Hi maam i would like to ask po. wala pa po kasi ako natanggap na notice or dividends. i have po shares from bdo and urc (minimum nga lang) i bought it last nov pa and havent sold it ever since.

  14. Hi. Thank you for your article. i would like to ask. i have stocks of URC and BDO but only minimum shares (10 shares) i have bought this since nov 2015. i havent received any email or notice about the dividend. am i not entitled for the dividends? (btw, im using bpi trade) thanks

  15. Beginner here. hehe 🙂

    As per the “Dividends” po, if i buy BEYOND Ex-Div Date, am I TOTALLY NOT ENTITLED FOR DIVIDENDS or is it just the “stocks that I have bought beyond Ex-Div Data” that is NOT ENTITLED FOR DIVIDENDS?

    • I think yung stocks lang po na bought beyond ex dive date =D. Sorry po kung merong “I think” newbie lang din po kasi ako eh. Just trying to help =D

  16. I hope you can update ex-dates, record dates and payment dates for index stocks this 2016 for easy reference. This site is really very useful. Thanks Ms. Fehl. =)

  17. •Security Name : First Gen Corporation
    •Date : 11/27/2015
    •Headline : C06347: First Gen declaration of cash dividends
    •Source :
    •Content : Ex-Date: Dec 18, 2015 Type of Securities: Preferred (FGENF) Cash Dividend Date of Approval by Board of Directors: Nov 26, 2015 Other Relevant Regulatory Agency, if applicable: — Date of Approval by Relevant Regulatory Agency: N/A Type (Regular or Special): Regular Amount of Cash Dividend Per Share: P4.00 per share Record Date: Dec 23, 2015 Payment Date: Jan 25, 2016 Source of Dividend Payment: Retained earnings as of December 31, 2014.

    Hi Miss fehl,

    Good day!
    I buy FGEN stock on 13 November 2015 am I entitled for dividends? If entitled po ako kailangan ko po hawakan ang shares ko hanggang Jan 25, 2016? Patulong nmn po.

    Thank you,

  18. On 8/18/15 ALI declared cash dividends with ex-date 8/27/15. I bought ALI stocks on 8/20/15 and 8/25/15. Does that mean I am entitled to dividends?

  19. Hello Ms. Fehl, i am quite confused po kasi merong dividend na walang word na “PER SHARE” gaya po ng SECB na may div na 1.00. Ano po ibig sabihin non? Thank you po and God bless!

  20. Hi Ms Fehl!
    Thank you for your site. I’ve been following it up regularly. Why are AP’s dividends list as two: P1.14 and P0.52? Does that mean the shareholder is entitled to P1.66? Or are there two types of dividends?

  21. Ano po meaning pag walang “per share” na nakalagay?

    Like AP-Cash-P1.14

    1.14 pesos yung dividend regardless the number of shares? Thanks

  22. Hi Ms.Fehl ive been reading your website just recently and i am learning a lot here.Im just new in stock investing and i have a question regarding dividend.
    I have bought a stock of Lri ast year june 25 2014, and this year this company have declared a cash dividend with record date june 9 2015 payable in june 23.am i still entitled to receive the dividend even if i bought this 1 year ago? Im still holding stock until now..

    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.


  23. Hi Ms, Fehl, pinagaaralan ko ngaun ung Dividends, habang ng babasa ako ng latest div dates sa edge.pse.com napansin ko ung types of security like for example ( company name = smc then type of security = SMCP1) ibig po bang sabihin nito, dapat bumili ako ng stocks under SMCP1 or pwede na ba dun sa SMC? ganun din po dto sa ( company name = First Gen Corporation then type of security = FGENF or FGENG) or pwede ba akong bumili sa FGEN na stock code?

  24. Hi Fehl, awesome job of maintaining this site. Great help for newbies like me. Keep it up! Dividend question, what do you think about DNL’s 100% stock divi? How does that work? Is it a good idea to jump in now?

      • Hi Mam Fehl, Itatanong ko lang po kung magstart po ako bumili ng stocks because I’m planning to invest on a long-term basis and the current price is more than the BUY BELOW and FV , do you think that I shouldn’t buy it even though its among the fantastic 5 list? Thanks in advance.

        • Hi, John. First you must decide about your plan and objective. If you’re following our Magic 10, we suggest to follow the BBP for the F5 stocks. Do not buy it if it’s more than the BBP unless you are investing on that stock for 3 years or so or using PCA method on that specific stock

  25. Ms Fehl,

    ano po ang magiging effect sa PSEI lalo na sa mga blue chips companies kung matutuloy yung rate hike ng Federal Reserve? TIA

  26. Hi question lang po 🙂
    If after the ex div date and record date but before the payable date I sold my shares would I still get the dividends or should i wait till the payable date before I can sell my shares to receive the dividends

    Thank You in Advance 🙂

    • hawak mo pa ba yung MBT shares mo until 3/23/2015? if NO then hindi ka na nga qualified na makatanggap ng dividends.

      @Ms. Fehl, sorry kung nakikialam ako sa pag sagot. Just want to help 🙂

  27. Hi Fehl. How do we, COL account holders, receive cash dividends that are due us? How will it appear in our portfolio? Will we simply see an increase in our Cash Balance?

    • Hi Christine. They will be credited to our COL account (cash balance). The cash is usually credited to our account after the Notice of Cash Dividend has been emailed or by going to Portfolio then checking View Monthly Account Ledger

  28. Hi Fehl, just wanna ask if there’s perfect hour in a day to buy stocks? Just want to know, maybe you can say something about it since the prices change every millisecond….. tnx

    I know that you have this “undervalued stocks” on your blog that I used to check all the time…… but aside from that maybe there something you can recommend regarding best buying hour……… 🙂

    • There is no “perfect hour” coz there is nothing perfect 🙂 The stock market is unpredictable but if you’re asking about the time I always buy, it’s either MWF, opening, before lunch, and pre-closing. However, I never recommend anyone to follow my routine because I prefer anyone to be free and in control of his own way 🙂

  29. hi ms fhel tanong ko lang po yung dividends ba is applicable lang for the regular i mean yung naginvest ng 25k unlike with the pips invest 5k which is the EIP?or both may privillage magkaroon nun??thanks

  30. Hi Ms. Fehl, Nice blog! Nakita ko yung co-worker ko nag browse ng site mo, I find it interesting lalo na may post ka about dividends. I started recently a blog about dividends (www.TheDividendObserver.com) gusto ko lang subukan yung dividend investing dito sa pinas if worthy ba. What do you think sa ginagawa kong strategy? nagsasayang lang kaya ako ng oras?

    More power and God Bless!

    • I think it’s a very good strategy because even fund managers base some of the equities or stocks they choose from dividends-producing stocks. There are some UITF and mutual funds that are dividends focused too.

      • Thank you very much Ms. Fehl, really appreciate it. Nice to know mga fund managers pala kasama ko sa ganitong strategy 🙂

  31. Hello Ms. Fehl,

    Good day. First, thanks for all your blog and advice. Truly, I am learning a lot.
    Just a question regarding Record Date, you mentioned that if you are not a registered owner of the stocks as of the date mentioned, you are not entitled to receive dividends. How can we check if our stocks are registered to us if for example I am getting it thru an online broker – COL? Thank you and more power.


    • Hi, thank you Mel. I think that the moment you received COL Confirmation about the stocks you bought, you’re then a registered owner of those stocks.

  32. Hi mam! gud afternoon po, I am sorry for my ignorance. Kapag bumili ba ako nang stocks thru COL Financial let say JFC stocks automatic ba na ako na ang registered owner ng stocks na nabili ko at entitled na ba ako sa dividends na iissue ng JFC before the ex-div date. Thanks in advance

  33. hi ms Fehl. newbie question lang po! tanong ko lang yung sa record date, paano ipaparegister yung stocks halimbawa under my name? thanks 🙂

  34. excuse Fehl. Saan ko makikita kung kailan ung Ex Div Date ng stock sa col financial. para di sayang buy ko di macocover ung iba para sa year ngayon.


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