How to Flip Stocks to Build Millions and Earn More Money?

Flipping stocks to earn more money and build millions is no secret. In fact, you can flip other properties as well like just how the famous talk-show host, Ellen Degeneres does.

Ellen is into buying houses in LA, retouching and re-fixing them a little bit and then she sells them.

One of the big deal she had recently was earning 15 million selling the famous Brody-house to Sean Parker, he’s the genius guy who helped Mark Zuckerberg transformed Facebook into a real company.

How to Flip Stocks to Earn Money

Aside from flipping mansions or real estates, you can flip stocks to profit and build your millions.

You can apply the same concept – buy and sell, in other term, TRADE.

Actually, there are lots of things you can buy and sell. Some people buy and sell cars, others gold, silvers and precious metals. Some people sell domains and websites.

Really there are lots of them but in this page, I’m talking about stocks – paper assets.

The great thing about stocks is you don’t need to retouch or re-polish them or make them look brand new like you do when you buy and sell mansions or cars etc.

All you have to do is buy them while they are less than how much they are worth right now.

Then wait for them to reach their true intrinsic value or if you have your own Target Price.

Once they hit their Target, sell them.

How can you make money out of stocks?

You make money in 2 ways: the gains from your sale and when the company issue dividends.

The question is how can you do that?

How can you trade these stocks?

It is simple and easy but you need a lot of patience and faith. Follow these 5 rules.

how to flip stocks earn more money

1. Buy undervalued stocks from premium companies. These stocks are currently cheap because their stock price are below their fair market value. In short, they are cheap right now and their price is worth more than what is being offered.

Remember, buy only from premium companies as much as possible. Premium means best, top, superior, first-class, and excellent companies.

2. Have a BBP (Buy-Below-Price) Margin. This will help you gain more profit. Having this price margin indicates you only buy these stocks below the BBP. In simple Math conclusion, you have more room for growth.

3. Have a Target Price. Like any investment, we have a target and plan. In flipping stocks, we must have a target price (TP). It usually is the Fair Value of the stock or any price closer to the FV if the company is in an excellent status.

4. Sell your shares of stocks once it reached your TP. Why sell it at the TP or Fair Value? Because realistically speaking, it is the real price that worth the stock right now. Don’t be too greedy, you made profit anyway. You shouldn’t wait any longer.

5. Use your profit to buy other undervalued stocks. Remember, you are building more money or more millions of money. If you stop now, you are not building anything. Let your money roll. Take the opportunity and time buying undervalued stocks and sell them and reap profit when they reached their TP.

If you do this strategy continuously, you are not only building your stock portfolio, you are also building your equity value. Your profits and gains will produce more profits and gains. Not only that, you are also gaining financial skills and experiences that you can teach your children or loved ones.

You can do the same strategy and concept like we do following the latest Undervalued Stocks here. Our recommended stocks are usually premium companies. The BBP and Target Price are also given. Cheers!

Always remember, investing and trading in the stock market have risks. Make sure you are only using around 20% or less of your money. Never ever invest all your money. Most of all, do not invest if you don’t have regular source of income.

Important Reminder: This article is for information purposes only and should never be considered as professional advice. Every investor has a different risk profile and goal. All investments have risks. Always do your own research before investing in the stock market.

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  1. Hi,

    Wanted to buy Jollibee stocks but etrade is not locating the JFC ticker. Does that means I cannot buy Jollibee stocks from the U.S.?


  2. Hi Miss Fehl,

    I have just opened a trading account and would like to buy stocks. I want to start buying stocks and would like to how to divide my stocks… I want to do the 10 magic stocks and flipping stocks. I want to buy 40,000 worth of stocks a month but I don’t know how to divide it. Can you please give me an idea.

  3. Hi Ms, Fehl!

    Thank you for your recommendations! It helps us alot! I just have a question when it’s time to take profits. Does it mean we should sell all our shares? Or do we just get the total gains and leave the initial investment? For example, we have 100K shares, now it is worth 150K.. Do we get the whole 150K or just the 50K? Thank you!

  4. Hi Ms. Fehl A newbie here and I find your page very helpful. I have a small question. Would it be advisable to buy or sell stocks at php 8k and above, considering that the costs (broker fee, taxes etc) are the same whether you buy/sell 4k or 8k worth of stocks? I would like to minimize my costs on fees and maximize purchase allowed on a certain fee bracket. Kindly enlighten me. thanks

  5. Hi!
    tanong ko lang po how to determine BBP and TP, may certain formula ba or pure speculation by individual or group? ano ba ang dapat tignan para makapag sabi ng BBP and TP?
    Thank you!

  6. Hi Mam,

    I am planning to start investing by next month. If I sign up through COL do I have to join the Truly Rich Club as well? or pwede na ba na dito na lang magconsult about sa stocks or investments. sorry mejo confused ako kung paano siya nagwowork. Your response will be highly appreciated.

    • Hi Dovie 🙂 What a pretty name! Yes, I have tried it the moment they launched it at COL Financial. I’m still using it for my Mutual Fund investments. I like the easy way of investing mutual funds without submitting usual documents to MF companies. In COL Financial, you can open any MF you want in a click. We have a post here how to open a mutual fund using COL Financial. You can check it out by going to our Mutual Fund Guides on the menu above. I will also make an in depth review about it here soon 🙂 Cheers!

  7. Hi Ms. Fehl.

    I’m new to Stock trading thru COL and still learning. Could you check below which stocks should i “FLIP” and which stocks should i invest for the long term.


    Appreciate your feedback.


    • Hi. The stocks we recommend for long term are listed on the “Blue Chip Stocks” page on the menu above. Please check them out. God bless!

  8. Hello Ms.Fhel,

    Good day.

    I have a question regarding the Undervalued stocks in the Philippines that you have discussed and posted on this page. Do you recommend buying these stocks although you are following the PCA formula for stock investing.

    Looking into the information that you have posted on here, it appears that this is the best time to purchase these stocks as these stocks are still below their FMV.

    Please help.

    I am so interested to purchase these stocks based on your recommendation.

    Looking into your response.

    • Hi, yes, that’s the logic following BBP and TP but you have to prioritize blue chip stocks for the list above as much as possible.

      • Thank you for your response Ms. Fehl.

        I look forward to buying blue chip stocks on your list. Its just that I am interested to buy these stocks listed,.

        In you own opinion, IF I purchase these stocks, would it affect the performance of my portfolio? Would these stocks also provide earnings just in case I am interested to add these to my existing portfolio?

  9. Very useful.. Thanks for guiding and helping newbies like me by posting very useful ideas about stocks. God bless you more Ms. Fehl.

  10. Hi Ms Fehl,
    I am a newbie here and need your expertise, lets say I just fund my col plus account this month and buy stocks worth of 7k and the remaining balance to my account is then 18k,the question is,do i need to topped up my account just to maintain the minimum investment amount which is 25k?please enlighten me.

  11. Hi Ms Fehl! Just want to ask kung saan nyo po based ang BBP and TP here in your blog? Is it the same with the BBP and TP of Truly Rich Club? Thanks!

  12. Hi fehl,
    Thank you for sharing your stock market knowledge to us,very helpful people who are new in the stock market.cheers!

  13. Sounds like a good strategy. The challenge is in determining when it’s undervalued and what’s the Target Price.

    Aside from this one, you can use Graham/Buffett’s Value Investing which is the same technique, but uses a longer time-horizon and ignores market swings.

    It all depends on what we prefer and what technique works though. For lazy people like me, it’s “research once to see if it’s great, and then buy and hold for the long term” instead of looking at charts and trading every market day.

  14. Hi Ms. Fehl!

    Ang tagal ko ng sinusundan ung mga posts mo pero pinagaaralan ko palang ung tungkol sa stocks. Kaya super excited lang ako na ikwento na finally I was able to buy my first stock. Thank you for inspiring me. God bless you!

    • Hi, Shane. Thank you and I’m glad to see you here. Now that you have started, I’m sure marami kapa matututunan coz it is when you put your hands on it dun mo lang marerealize na ah ganito pala ito, ganito pala yon 🙂

  15. Hi ms Fehl,
    I learned a lot from ur site and has been guidance in investing to big 5 and undervalued stocks. Mam i have a question po, iv bought a stocks for PCOR for a long term investment just needed to know if i made the right decision especially na bearish po ang pcor ngaun

  16. Fehl,

    Thank you for sharing valuable ideas.

    May you find peace and joy in everything you do. God bless you.


    • Good morning ma’am Fhel..

      Salamat po sa dailypik,.Dito po ako palagi tumitingin ng BBP at TP very helpful po ito para akin baguhan pa lang sa pag iinvest sa stock market.

      More power and God Bless you maam

  17. Hi Good Day! I find your website much helpful to investors. Do you post regularly list for F5 we can follow as guide for the flipping strategy? Do you have timing or I can start on my own phase using this strategy? I have no much fund yet for investing long term, can I start investing using the flipping style?


    • Hi, Joe. Yes, we update our stock picks every trading day. F5 stocks are also good for flipping as they follow that concept. Every investor has personal strategy as each has his own status and goal. The timing is NOW than tomorrow if you’re investing for long term but if you’re flipping, watching the market would help you when to start.

  18. hi Fehl

    I am so glad to learn about your website DAILY PIK which give advise on stock investment, lately I bought NIKL at 27.50 after the same day i bought the issue fell everyday today is worse it fell to 19 per share more or less, so I feel so terrible, can you give me advise on this issue? how should i handle this? ? besides I hold PIP 4.8, ore 8


    • Hi Betty. Hold your shares for now and wait for NIKL updates. Besides majority of stocks are on a snorkel right now due to market overvaluation. Are you using COL as a broker? If you are, this company is still under review, let’s wait for reasonable valuations. I hope it comes back to 40ish 🙂

      • hi Fehl

        Thnx so much for your advise I will just hold NIKL coz its unwise to cutloss now considering the big dive of NIKL price!! and maybe I plan to average down for NIKL? what do you think? is this a good remedy. . .am trading with COL now and hope to hear from you again. ..:-)


        • NIKL is a kind of stock for very aggressive types as it’s under mining category. The risk of investing it might give you profit big time as it jumps and might also upset you big time when it falls. It’s a global supplier of nickel ore so I’d say hold on and wait patiently

          • hi Fehl

            I am excited re NIKL at last it is flying higher now!! 🙂 so what do you think? please give me your opinion my cost is 27.50 /share, so what should be my stragedy, but you advise me one week ago to just wait and hold unto it, but now its moving so what can you say about it? thnx for your advise in advance

            betty co

          • NIKL went up because nickel prices increased by 16%. Although the economy is still positive, if you’re investing it’s advisable to be more cautious and less aggressive at this point. It’s still up to your strategy and target 🙂 Cheers!

  19. HI Miss Fehl,
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge about this. I already have stocks under BPItrade and I’m reading your posts regularly to learn more.

    I just have one question about flipping stocks. I am a beginner ans I started thru Peso Cost averaging last September only. I have stocks which I intend to hold for long term (10yrs) and I have others in my folio which I intend to flip once it reaches the Target. How much shares do you suggest that I keep on those that I intend to flip? is 500shares enough? Thank you.

    • Hi Dave. Your strategy is kinda similar with our Magic 10 here. Half of them have flipping stocks and half for long term (5yrs or more). With flipping, we keep on buying shares as long as the price of the stock didn’t reach the Buy-Below-price.

  20. Hi Ms Fehl , thank you so much for sharing your knowledge you are indeed a
    blessing for struggling and neophyte trader like me. You present the ideas in
    simple ways and terms and as such i realized stock trading and investing is not actually
    that complicated than i think.. Anyway, there will be an upcoming IPO (Crown Asia)
    is it ok to invest in this company?
    Thanks again and God bless..

    • Hi, BetC. Thank you for the kind words here. Crown Asia is a chemical company thus great risk comes with it. If it was listed in the PSE, it would be cool to speculate but it takes big, really big courage to buy shares from it coz chem. companies really could triple or 10x your stocks value if the company was successful. The same way, it could triple or 10x your losses if the company failed. I personally bought 1000 shares but as expected too many people subscribed to the offer so COL will have to raffle the shares. High demand is obvious.

      • Hi Ms fehl,
        nabasa ko sa news na mag start p lng ang selling ng shares ng crownasia on april 10.
        Pero bkit andami na nkabili/nagsubscribe nito before april 10…newbie here…TIA

        i’m using bpitrade nga pla as my trading platform…thanks

        • Hi, Don. Yes, the offer starts April 10. Investors are allowed to subscribe before the offer date but the approval will start today, April 10. Subscription doesn’t mean approval. The listing of Crown Asia shares in the PSE will commence on April 27

    • Any individual of legal age of any nationality can invest majority of stocks in the PSE. There is also no restriction of residence

  21. Hi Fehl, here I am again, reading all your blogs and enhancing my knowledge through all your articles. I am bit confused about getting your profit through buy&sell of your stocks and from dividends. Dividends are the earnings of company distributed to their shareholders right? What if you sold already your stocks-on-hand when the company gained their earnings, so basically you will not be given by their dividends? or if you are a former stock holder during the companies investing stage, you will have your dividend when they get their earning even you are not a present stock holders?

    I hope I made my question clear.

    Thank Fehl, you’ll be rewarded by helping newbies like us.

    • Hi Reo. Thank you for visiting. Yes, there are specific dates, types, values, entitlements for dividends. If you’re using an online broker/platform, and you have shares of that company that currently issued dividends, you’ll find them at your account/dashboard when you log in. In COL Financial, you can find them by going to Quotes > Div/Rights Calendar

  22. Hi. Alam mo ba yung buy and hold method? Ang pagkakaintindi ko is you buy in high share then wait before you sell it? Kasi paano kung hindi ka maka pag fund every month di ba?

  23. Fhel, It’s seem that flipping method is almost the same with your fantastic 5 method having a Target Price before selling. You know I kept on researching regarding Day trading method. Any input for this risky method. Good Day!

  24. Hi Fhel, Very interesting topic. My desire to invest in the stock was cultivated by your information. First my goal is long term which still I pursue and I am also interested in flipping. Please post more techniques about this. Thank you


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