Investing and trading in the stock market have risks. Past and historical performances don’t guarantee future performance. Nobody really knows what will happen to companies and the economy. Nobody could predict the market. However, we can analyze the current status and set market valuation. We can benchmark investments. We can invest with great companies to make money. We need expert assessment and we need discipline. We need a plan, a strategy, and a goal. It’s all up to you if you stick to your plan. The result of your investment is the result of your decision.

Every investor has different risk tolerance,  knowledge, investment objectives, goals, financial status and personal needs so any advice or tip shared in this website by the author or the readers may not apply to everyone.

You, as an investor, must always decide according to your knowledge, risk tolerance, financial status and financial objective. At the end of the day, it is your choice.

Comments, discussions, and views may not always reflect the views of the admin. of this website.