BDO Nomura Review – Online Trading Platform

BDO Nomura Review – Online Trading Platform: I’m sharing here my honest review using BDO Nomura, the newest online trading platform from BDO and Nomura Holdings of Japan.

I have introduced this online trading platform recently and there were lots of comments and reactions from our fellow readers and followers. Many were thrilled asking about how to open BDO Nomura account online.

If you are one of the many people who are excited to use this online trading platform, perhaps this could be heads up for you.

Note that this review is based from my personal POV, you might find out some pros and cons of using BDO Nomura Trading Platform. I also discussed some of my favorite features using BDO Nomura online.

BDO Nomura Review

Easy Account Opening

It was so easy and quick to open an account online for this trade platform. Compared to other online brokers, I didn’t have to submit copies of my IDs and proof of funds.

I was surprised I did not have to provide my TIN (Tax ID Number) as well. SIMPLY because, the major requirement is an existing BDO Online Banking Account and my TIN was already on my file at BDO.

It makes sense because BDO is already keeping some copies of your IDs and personal and financial records on their database.

As long as your BDO Online Banking account is updated with your latest and most updated mobile phone, you won’t be having any problem registering an account for BDO Nomura.

Took me few minutes and my account was approved. Here’s the easy guide I made for you “How to Open BDO Nomura Account Online

No Minimum Fund Required

Unlike other online brokers that require 5,000 or above initial fund, BDO Nomura doesn’t require you trade money right away.

Obviously because you have elected a settlement account from your existing accounts in BDO. That and your other BDO accounts are good sources of your funds.

Some banks like BPI (for BPITrade) and Metrobank (MetroSec) don’t require initial funds from existing clients as well in terms of opening a trading account.

Great Market Research

I have been a long time client of BDO and I have other types of investments with it so I don’t expect less of their Market Research Team.

BDO Nomura has some very helpful and useful market news – daily, weekly and monthly market research. Inside their PSETradex platform, you will find helpful updates and guides as well like beginners guide to Fundamental and Technical Analysis and stock market trading and Investments PDF guides.

PSETradex Platform

Like other online brokers, BDO Nomura also runs on PSETradex platform which in my personal approach is very classic for its look and is kinda not user-friendly.

Thankfully, you can select a theme color for your dashboard to make everything easy on the eyes unless you want that black classic look.

bdo nomura review
bdo nomura review platoform

PSETradex is very fast to load in real time. I like checking out stock info, price movements, scoreboards.

It’s cool that you can actually flip tabs you have visited, too. You will enjoy finding out and learning more info about stocks and companies using PSETradex.

bdo nomura online trading platform
Stock Info in front of you, you can analyze and have easy access for each company you are interested to trade

Blazing speed is what I love most of this trading platform. You can analyze charts in volume, %change, MACD, DI, DMI, and ADX very quick because everything loads faster.


Weird PIN Code Request

I received an email about a PIN Code Change Request. I thought it was a spam because I did not request for a thing.

Knowing it came from PSETradex, I kept the email and just waited for BDO Nomura email for my account activation.

But BDO Nomura did not send an email indicating my account activation even though on the first email they said they would.

So I tried to use the PIN code PSEtradex sent me to change my PIN Code. It worked.

For this part, I think BDO Nomura must mention on their Welcome Email that you will receive an email from PSETradex about your activation.

One-Time-Password (OTP)

I always like extra layer of security and protection so having an OTP when you log in at BDO Nomura is important to safeguard your account and your investments.

You will receive an OTP (One Time Password) every time you log in otherwise report to BDO if you find unauthorized log in attempts.

BDO Nomura Stays Active

I’m also impressed that this platform remains active even if I left my desktop or window idle for a long time. If you open a new tab, even if there is inactivity on your PSETradex, it still remains on and you are still logged in.

BDO Nomura Review Final words:

Overall, I like BDO Nomura except for the weird PIN change request I received. I’m currently using it for flipping stocks for short term.

Since it’s a fresh portfolio and a fresh start, I am into putting 10K fund to flip without adding more funds. I want to grow that money and see how far it could build itself by flipping stocks.

While I also have other portfolio elsewhere like COL Financial, it’s cool to try and build money from scratch using a new different online broker like BDO Nomura.

I think it will be a cool platform for intermediate investors or expert traders but not for beginners. Nevertheless, all things have room for improvement. Let’s wait and see how this platform would evolve.

Share your reviews about BDO Nomura in the comments. Are you guys using it, too? How do you find it so far?

Happy trading!

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172 thoughts on “BDO Nomura Review – Online Trading Platform”

  1. Not a good trading platform because it is very slow. I tired logging for 3 hours and to no avail. Specially during peak hours, swerte ka kapag nakapag log in.

  2. BDO Nomura for 2 years. It is a terrible platform for medium and day trading. Not user friendly. It’s customer service is terrible. The process of withdrawal is terrible. If you change bank account takes forever to take effect and you can’t withdraw money easily. Don’t be fooled. Avoid as much as possible. Stick wtih COL..Avoid! Avoid! Avoid!

    • Although regiastration is easy for BDO account holders, I think this is only good for long term investment or passive trading especially for overseas based stock traders. Not good for active trading. In that way you need not endure the torture of waiting eternally for your OTP or risk your account being locked due to multiple efforts of trying to log in. It is like going thru the process of trial and error these days. I wish COL could just simplify their registration process.

  3. I haven’t tried trading. What happens next if you have placed your buy order? for example you buy 1000 stocks @ 37, is there a possibility that a higher amount will be deducted from your account in case the price gets higher by he time your purchase gets approved?

  4. Hello im a newbie in bdo nomura i opened an account already but havent received any confirmation email except for the email for change pin from psetradex. What is the next step to access the account. Thank you.

  5. This is NOT A GOOD TRADING PLATFORM. OTP takes very long to come, the interface is not easy to use, and nobody answers call. You miss out a lot of potential winning trades. I actually regret using this platform.

  6. Forget about this platform….I have been using it for several months… And I am an active trader…lageng down ang system nila.. ilang beses na akong naipit dahil sa platform an ito..
    Lumipat na ako sa ibang broker…napaka pathetic ng support…walang sumasagot sa phone kapag down ung system nila..and that is an honest feedback.

  7. Hi,

    Currently living & working overseas and not maintaining a Philippines mobile number. Is there an option to disable this security feature or maybe do it as an email instead?


    • Hi, im also living and working abroad,(HAITI) and my number here in abroad is what I registered to my online banking and it works,,but sometimes it gives me problem of receiving the otp until I found out that you can generates your own otp using your registered mobile and number.and everything is ok now. I don’t have problem with otp now. im using iphone but I don’t know if you can generate your own otp in other mobile brand.

    • Yes, there is no minimum amount required with BDO Nomura as long as you can buy the stocks you want and fund your account the way you want. Cheers! 🙂

      • I tried to start trading with just 1k but it was not accepting the stock that I was trying to buy when I know I already filled in all the required fields. It just said “Not sufficient Current Limit Where CL (0.00) < Contract Buy Value" Don't really understand this.

    • Hi Charles 🙂 No news about that for now. But perhaps, they will. BDO is the number one bank and they started spreading the news about BDO Nomura platform to all their banking clients using Online Banking. Just imagine the millions of clients they have right now, adding Mutual Funds inside BDO Nomura is very possible.

  8. Hi,

    Pwede po bang malaman ang International contact number ng BDO nomura. Nag0pen po kasi ako ng account more than a week ago na kaso wala akong nareceive na trading pin. I’m currently in UAE. Thanks po.

    • you can check it in their website there’s international line for overseas if it doesn’t work you can call them directly using domestic number.

  9. Hi Ms. Fehl, Been an investor/trader wanna be for 2 years now i think (lol). I am considering opening an account to BDO Nomura. How would you most likely recommend this for newbies like me? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Hi Zaldy 🙂 I recommend COL Financial for beginners as the platform is simple and user-friendly. You can open an account online. Follow our guide 🙂 Cheers!

  10. Helpful post! Can the trading platform execute stop loss order and stop limit order? Been looking everywhere for this capability. Thanks in advance.

    • stop loss and/or stop limit order or any of its variation that are available in more mature market is NOT available in ANY platform in philippine stock… the pse is so antiquated in this respect!!

    • Yes, very much different with the look of it. COL is simple and user-friendly, BDO Nomura has a classic trading platform look which many first-time users find difficult to navigate

  11. Just bought my first 4 stocks in the the Phils Stock Market through BDO Nomura last August 14. Newbie here but read a lot through internet, tips and blog like yours for almost a year. Thanks a lot Fehl. I really found investing in stock market very challenging and interesting.

    I wasted a lot of opportunities for sticking and saving in banks for 4 years. Now, i gained P8,712.30 in just 3 days through BDO, MPI & SMPH

    I plan for long term investments and PCA.

  12. hi! why is it every time i open the trade tab im getting an error saying “The action you requested could not be completed. Please try again later. Thank you. “?

  13. How can i do PCA method if the lot size of what i intend to buy is 100. like if I’m planning to invest 5k a month and the price per share is 40. that’s only 4k. Would you instead buy 100 shares per month? Is this still considered PCA method.

  14. Good day,

    Is BDO Nomura following T+3 policy like col when withdrawing funds from traded stocks..?

    Ms Fhel, can you also make a blog on how to withdraw funds using BDO Nomura..

    Greetings from Abu Dhabi!

    • No. Nomura account is connected to your BDO so it will be credited on the next working day. Once you sign in, you will see the tabs for trade, withdrawals and others… so you can just click the withdrawal then follow the instructions.

  15. definitely, the trading pin code is a let down on this platform. Anyways, i hope BDO will create android app for this.

  16. Ano po ibig sbhin po nito? ang alam q po kc nsa 1,200 p remaining namin… tapos ito po lumabas nsa 939.55… tapos nung nagbuy kami ito n po nag appear… thanks po
    Not Sufficient Current Limit Where CL (939.55) < Contract Buy Value( 1,022.61)

  17. pano mag-sell ng shares sa bdo nomura? bakit laging rejected pag nag-se-sell ako, laging nakalagay ang “All or None orders must be immediate”

  18. Is BDO Nomura online trading can be use abroad what about the OTP how can I receive if my number is outside Philippines.

    • Hi Joel,

      Regarding OTP, better get a roaming sim from Phil. And the sim number or mobile number should be registered in your profile.

      Hope it helps.

      • I am also outside the Philippines. Nakabase ako dito sa Saudi Arabia then inupdate ko lang mobile number ko sa online banking, ginagamit ko now is Saudi Mobile Number. It’s working naman. I receive the OTP once nag log in ako

    • Joel,
      That was my inital problem as I live in the US. I gave BDO a call and they actually used my US number for the OTP.

  19. Hi Ms.Fehl,

    Ask ko lang if there is a problem currently with bdo nomura i open nomura account on thursday and approved by friday. I funded it with min.5k after funding sinubukan ko ng open yung platform but it’s getting error. I wonder if other account holder exeperiencing the same problem. The platform was link to psetradex which is not showing since saturday till now. I even tested it on my mobile phone unfortunately nothing show up. First impression ko pangit ang platform na ito unlike col they have stand alone platform and fast connectivity.

  20. Hi Ms. Fehl…Ask ko lang kung papaano magsell if meron ka ng on going trade tapos gusto mo ng isell para makuha mo na profit mo? Thanks.

  21. Hi Ms Fehl…I’m trying to trade but I always get a message of ‘invalid lot size. Quantity must be valid against the board lot table’. What am I doing wrong?

    • Lot size is commonly 10, 100, 1000, or 10000. to check you can right click on the stock code and look for Stock info. Click on it and find lot size. If the lot size is 10, the you can buy 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 ….. Basically multiple of 10. same for the others.

  22. Hi. I’m quite confused with the Customer Code and BDO Nomura Settlement Account No.

    In the payment sample above, you used the Customer Code while the email that came from BDO Nomura says:

    “This is to inform you that we have APPROVED your Online Trading Application with BDO NOMURA

    Your Customer Code No.: xxxxxxxx
    Your Assigned BDO Nomura Settlement Account No.: xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Please remember your Customer Code for requests, inquiries and assistance regarding your trading account.

    The assigned BDO Nomura Settlement Account Number will be your dedicated account for BDO Nomura Transactions. It is the account that you would need to fund as basis for your buying capacity and into which equities purchases shall be debited as well as other required trading and operational fees. It is also an account into which all proceeds of selling transactions, cash dividends and all other credit balances shall be credited.

    You may already fund your assigned BDO Nomura Settlement Account through all available channels.
    You may fund the account on or before 10:00 P.M. to be included in the next trading day’s buying power. ”

    What number should I use?

    Please clarify this,


  23. Hello Ms. Fehl…Ilang months na ding approved ang nomura acount ko pero hanggang ngayon wala pa din pin code kaya di pa ako nakakapagtrade…paano ko makukuha yung pin code?

  24. Hi Ms.Fehl! Its been two weeks since i opened a bdo nomura acct..thanks to your post,i chose it over COL,its indeed quicker and easier! Nakaka-adik ng maningin ng red and greens 🙂 will invest here for long term using pca method along with my sunlife maxi prime..thanks a lot for your very good and useful post! Keep it up! God bless…

  25. Good morning to you Felh

    Question ko lang okey ba nomura for daily trading? Newbie din ako and planning na magdaily trading.

    What is flipping?

    I’m into freelancing kasi and gusto ko na lang din pagkakitaan ang daily trading. Advisable ba sya?

    Many thanks for future response 🙂


    • Yes, BDO Nomura is an online broker so you can use it for trading or investing, what ever strategy you use. Daily trading is advisable only to those who have time for it and experienced about active trading.

        • There are different types of orders. The most common are DAY order, GTC order and ATC order. DAY order is usually valid for the day trading only. GTC is “Good til Cancelled” is usually valid for 60 days. ATC means “at the close” where you could simply make an order following the closing price of the stock for the day

          • Mam pag offline ka po ba pagkatapos meron kang buy order na GTC automatic ba na execute ng BDO Nomura System?

  26. panu ko po kaya makikita yung history nung transaction, kunwari, kung magkano ko nabili yung stocks, Thanks in advance!!

  27. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    Ask ko lang po kung panu po bumili ng stocks using bdo nomura. wala po kasi ako mahanap sa youtube ng step by step ng pagbili tsaka pagbenta ng stocks gamit yung trading platform nila eh. Sano po matulungan niyo po ako. kahit magsend nalang po kayo ng link kung paano gamitin yung trading platform nila, Thank you very much po Ms. Fehl and Happy Investing.

    Kind Regards,

    • Madali lang sir, kpag nkapasok ka na sa trading platform click ka lang ng stocks na gusto mong bilhin. then lalabas sa order pad (lower light) ung buy automatically. tapos input mo lang ung price, units, validity tapos ung pin. pwed mo din ilipat sa sell ung buy kng magbebenta ka nman. madali lang po sya kpag nkapasok ka na sa platform.

      • Hi Gers,

        Salamat sa comment mo. nakabili na pala ako ng stocks. ngayon ang tanong ko naman. panu ko malalaman na nabili ko na yung stocks? kasi nung chineck ko sa order status. ang nakalaga ay “Filed” Kailangan ko pa ba mag-antay ng email galing kay BDO nomura na nagsasabing nabili ko na yung stock na yun or hindi na po? salamat ulit sa.

  28. Ma’am Fehl I’m really interested into this, but wala kong gaanong idea. gusto ko kase mag invest for long term. Sana you can disscuss me this online or in person much better kung may free time ka. thanks in advance.

  29. Hi Ms. Fhel,
    just want to know pano ako mkapagfund ng bdo nomura kasi sabi ng online banking ko function not available at this time, we apologize for the inconvenience then lumalabas nman na inactive daw ung account ko sa bdo mobile. eh ok nman ung account ko. undergoing maintenance ba ung BDO?

  30. miss fehl . im a beginer . literally a beginner . but i have bdo online banking thats why ill be trying bdo nomura instead of col financing . is ot a good descision or not ? thanks for the reponse

    • Hi, Happy New Year! You can choose either COL or BDO Nomura. They are both great brokers. Charges and fess are the same except for funding. It’s just easier with BDO Nomura when you have BDO online banking account already. If you are a beginner, I suggest you invest using PCA method and only buy blue chip stocks. We have the list of best blue chips on our menu above. Cheers!

      • yay thanks a lot . that info is so helpful . i would like to start this mid january . its really assuring that i can ask someone for these things . thanks a lot . Cheers! Kampay! ill be trying that PCA method .should i start with 5k ?

        • My pleasure. If you are comfortable with 5K, that’s ok. Only you have the power to decide 🙂 My advice is only invest 20% of your income every month. Cheers!

          • Hi ms fehl! I want also to try PCA method in bdo nomura but i dont know how. Can you please tell me how to do it?

          • Hi PCA is investing periodically for a long time. First choose a very good company to invest with. We have them here:

            Then, buy shares of your chosen company periodically. Example, I chose BDO, I want my budget of 5000 to buy stocks of BDO every month. I will do that every month for let’s say 5 years. That is PCA. You minimize risk by investing periodically no matter what the price of the stock.

  31. Hello Fehl,
    I came across your site while reviewing information for investing in stocks in PSE. I am considering opening an account with COL Financial because a friend recommended it to me. I did read your article about BDO Nomura. Between the two, which would you recommend best for a beginner?

    I actually opened a trial account in COL and the first message I got was that if you are transacting between banks and COL, there are fees collected by the banks.

    Would you be familiar when these bank fees are charged?

    If you have a BDO Nomura account, will this bank fee be applicable if your bank acct is with BDO?

    • Hi, Happy New Year! Both are great brokers and each has their own features. What I like most with COL Financial is their easy and user-friendly platform. With BDO Nomura, I like most is their easy link with BDO account. Also I like BDO Nomura’s Monthly Statement of Account as it bears the BDO Nomura logo. Must be useful in applying for visa and other stuff 🙂 BDO also doesn’t charge when funding your Nomura account.

      For beginners, start with COL as it’s more user-friendly and it also offers Mutual Funds. COL deducts 10 pesos per funding your account. Other trading fees are the same with all brokers.

  32. Hi MS Fehl,

    First time ko po mag Invest. But im almost a year na ako sa online trading.

    So nag open ako sa Nomura pero nalilito po ako. if i Buy stocks, anu po ba ang day limit na ilalagay ko, Day, FAK, GTC, etc.? i mean if used day po ba ay magiging trading na yun?

    i need long term investment and how? d ako marunong sa flatform =( please help.

    • Hello. Happy New Year! I will be posting an article here how to buy stocks using BDO Nomura for everyone’s guidance. If you’re into long term investing, just use PCA method (buy blue chip stocks every month and let them grow and just sell after 5 years or so). We have the list of best blue chips on our menu above. Cheers!

    • usually at least 2 to 3 days, after applying online, the next day you will receive confirmation if your application is approved, then simply wait another day or two for the next step to access your online platform

    • Aside from holding for a longer period say 5yrs, 10yrs or more, you will simply keep on buying shares from your chosen stocks.

      example you chosed AC (Ayala Corp) or JFC (Jollibee)-check out from PSEi site for top 30 companies updated daily (considered as blue chips) to start with.

      now after you decided a company or stock to buy, depending on your budget you will simply purchase say
      1000 shares every month? or quarterly? or yearly? your choice

      what you will be doing is adding up regularly to your current shares say:
      january-1000 shares
      feb-1000 shares
      mar-1000 shares
      and so on

      but you will be asking when do you know its right time to add up shares?

      if you will open up an account in COL Financial, they have this fundamental guide where you can find a column with BBP (buy below price),

      you will then check if the current price of your chosen stock falls below the indicated BBP, then you buy, if it is above the BBP you simply stop buying and wait when the price will fall under again the BBP.

      Other means to check if you don’t use COL as your broker is simply by looking at charts and indicator if the trend is good to buy or not like MACD indicator.

      hope it helps.

  33. has anyone notice if the computation of their buying power is accurate? by deducting your original funds placed, from their net amount computations sent via email in pdf when you buy or sell your shares? it has descripancy of 0.25 cents, not yet tested for bigger amounts of trade since I only traded less than 5k as of the moment, not sure if this discrepancy will be higher when you trade at least 20k and above.

    just curious…

  34. Hi ms fhel,

    I am planning to open an account in bdo Nomura. I’d like the long term investment. But may question is how it works? Aside from not selling the stock for a long time. What is the regular investment term means?
    Thank you.

  35. hi fehl just want to ask why everytime na mag purchase ako ng stock using bdo numura always rejected, col po kasi gamit ko nag try lang ko mag trading using bdo numura pero never ko pa pong ma experience yong makabili ng stocks sa kanila ito po palagi comment nila (rejected- all or non order must be immediate)

  36. Need advise on how to successfully execute a buy request. All blank spaces were fully filled in but in the order book, these requests had been rejected almost automatically. Don’t know if there was a mistake in the process because sometimes, there was a message saying: “please indicate the price”.

  37. Hi Sir/Madam,

    Pahingi po ako advise. Approve napo ung bdo nomura accnt ko pero wla akong narecev na PIN from PSEtradex, any way na makapag request? Slamat po

  38. Hi just recently got access for Nomura.
    1. Ilang araw bago ma credit pag nag fund o transfer ka from bdo account to Nomura?
    2. Diko makita yung buying power ko? Saan makikita ang existing balance?

  39. I have been using BDO Nomura for about a week. The biggest advantage for me is how easy it is to get set up. However it is not very user friendly. It took me quite a while to figure out how to find what I wanted to find and how to get around. Now that I know my way around I really enjoy it. I also like the ease of adding funds directly from my BDO savings account into my Nomura account. This is the only trading platform I ever used for the PSE, and it is good enough for me.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience using BDO Nomura, John. I had same experience the first time using it. I was trying to figure out where to find stuff. Took me ages to find my cash balance LOL But overall, I like using it. It works just like the other trade platform out there. Cheers!

  40. Hi miss Fehl, I have a question if nagcancell po ba ako ng order sa Nomura magkakaroon po ba ako ng penalty or fee? what if nagrevise po ako may fee rin po ba yun? Thank you for this site. very informative po cya.

    • GTC (Good Til cancelled) orders don’t usually have charges. For BDO Nomura, orders can be revised or cancelled as long as they are not matched. If an order is partially filled, only the unfilled portion can be revised or cancelled. Editing an order can only be done during trading hours, i.e. 9:30 A.M. – 12:00 N.N. and 1:30 P.M. to 3:30 P.M. No orders can be revised or cancelled during the Pre-open, No Cancellation Period (9:15 A.M. – 9:29 A.M.) and Pre-close, No Cancellation Period (3:18 P.M. – 3:19 P.M.)

  41. Hi ms. Fehl, help me po. I already open my bdo nomura, pero dpa po ako nkapag start mg fund. Nalilito po ksi ako alin ang ilalagay sa account#. Kung ung settlement account po ba o ung customer code? At san po makikita ung trading pin. Naguguluhan po ako. Pls. Reply.

  42. Hi Maam Fehl i already have BDO account and planning to open nomura next week…please advise me what best stocks to buy for flipping and long term peso cost averaging. Aggressive this is my first time….


      • Hi,

        Thank you for responding. I emailed BDO Support and they told me that they don’t have Peso Cost Averaging.

        Maybe what they meant is they don’t have Easy Investment Program (EIP) like COL have? Sorry for my ignorance, I’m new in Stock Marker and i just did my research last weekend.

        So i can still avail of all the benefits of Investing long term (PCA) with BDO Nomura right? like having dividends and Money Compounding after years of continuously buying stocks right?

        Thank you!

        • Hi, yes EIP is a special product that applies PCA method. You can use PCA method to any broker like COL Financial, BPI Trade, BDO Nomura and the like as long as you do periodic or regular investment (ie: monthly investing 5 years or so). Easy Investment Program for stocks is only for COL clients. BDO has EIP as well but only for UITF, it’s called Easy Investment Plan. I wrote a review here:

          Yes, absolutely you can have all the benefits of investing and trading (short or long term) with stocks using BDO Nomura like any other online broker accredited by the PSE. You can apply PCA method to any other broker. Cheers!

          • Salamat Ms. Fehl,

            I’m more confident now after reading your comments and articles. Helpful din ang Article mo about BDO UITF, Interesting din sya. Considering it as well, anyway what’s the difference between BDO EIP and COL EIP? Mas mabilis ba returns ng EIP ng BDO or same lang?

  43. Hello @Fehl Dungo…

    This is a very helpful article indeed, I enrolled with BDO Nomura before even reading your article but i haven’t funded my account yet. Looking forward to do it this week and start my trading. I’m planning to do Peso Cost Averaging (Long term investment). Can i do this kind of investment using BDO Nomura? I know some company give dividends as well, can i avail the same benefits with this? Thanks in advance!


    • True, I calculated the fees using their posted fee rates from their FAQ page.
      They have a minimum of 20 php commission per transaction, but even if it’s way higher like 25k+ gross, it looks like the tax is at 16% and not 12% when manually calculated.

  44. Hi Maam Fhel,

    I didn’t know where can i find the control code of my BDO nomura…There’s no email I received yet.

    Thanks for this info anyway.

    Best regards,

  45. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    Approved na po yung pag open ko ng account in BDO nomura, then I received pin/control code from PSE then dapat daw pong ichange ang pin, Problem is even 6 digit ung pin nilalagay ko eh ayaw pa rin po, still nag pa pop up pa rin po na 6 digit pin daw po required, pahirapan po pala mag start ng trading, hindi user friendly unlike COL.

  46. Ma’am Fehl, I opened up a BDO Nomura account, my problem is when I place a buy order the following errror show: Not Sufficient Current Limit Where CL (0.00) < Contract Buy Value. hope you could help me, thanks and more power.

  47. Ms.fehl,i had successfully open an account,but haven’t received the approval email for the code,ngprocess aku nung 19,sbi mgsend nlg email ng approval till now wala po ako nareceived,papnu po kaya ma follow up?

  48. hi fehl,

    how about fees when funding your BDO Nomura account? Col has fees for (ie Php 5 for every bank transfer) which I would like to avoid.


  49. Hi ma’am, im an avid reader of your posts. This is a little bit out of topic but I just want to ask, i want to start investing pero mababa pa lang yung investing capital ko.(Fresh Grad) san po maganda mag invest ang katulad ko? Uitf, Stocks, Mutual fund? Sana mabigyan niyo ako ng opinion. i have provided my email address. Thank you!

    • Hi, thank you for visiting. I recommend starting with either UITF or Mutual Fund and select the type of fund that suits your risk appetite and your goal as an investor. If you are conservative, go for Money Market Funds. If you are aggressive and you can take the risks, go for Equity Funds. If you are in between conservative and aggressive, go for Balanced Funds. Cheers!

  50. I got BDO Nomura without fund yet as I find it hard to use esp.when logging in waiting for the otp no. Im in the Middle East & I registered my local number here. Good or bad phone signal the otp still gets delayed. Maybe if I stayed in the Phil. using Phil.sim the otp will not be delayed. Or maybe they can use the usual PW like in COL. Just sharing…

    • I hope you are able to use the platform even if the OTP is always delayed there. Ryan here recommends using roaming number. Thank you for sharing your experience with BDO Nomura

    • I find the whole logging in a issue complicated, time consuming and time wasting over kill , as for the whole platform if your looking for quick buy/sale is poorly done, no proper charting. For the average Joe it is not user friendly to navigate. it doesn’t show total balance with stock values as I have used this for two trades to date. Plus shows trades around 3 seconds faster than registered on BPI platform. My preference is to go with BPI as my main trading platform and use this as back up to this .
      BPI has a easier trading platform and log in but times out to quick if not in use.

  51. Did the Set up and quick and easy as long you have BDO Online Account.
    This give me an edge without submitting any documents. I live here in Abroad and have roaming number and always received my OTP on my Roaming number. It works from me and do the Trading here on abroad,

    It’s quite simple and intuitive . I can’t compare to other Online Broker never had one here before but so far and very impress because now I can start and learn how to invest and where to Invest money. Journey Starts now…..

    • Oh glad to hear the OTP is faster using roaming. Thank you for sharing that here, it will help our fellow kabayans wondering about the OTP abroad. God bless!

    • there’s a BDO Android app (not sure if also available in iPhone) that has an OTP generator, so you won’t need to depend on SMS for the OTP. You will need to activate the OTP generator in the App first though which requires the SMS sent OTP. But once that’s done, you don’t need SMS for the OTP (BDO nomura also has an option to send OTP thru SMS in case the OTP generator doesn’t work for some reason). However, please note that if you change your mobile device, you’ll need to activate it again so you would need an OTP either from the old device (through the generator) or SMS.

  52. hi 🙂 good article. i’m now starting to prefer the bdo platform to the bpi one. but one thing about the bdo nomura which i find strange is there is no average procurement price on the equities portfolio. 🙂

  53. halo pano po ba makapag sign up sa pse tradex kelangan po ba member nun o kahit sino lang po ang pwede mag sign up/log in..? sorry po. thanks

  54. Hi Fhel,

    quick questions…
    so does this means, its not for OFWs as it sends OTPs every time you logon to the platform? And are the fees be the same as the COL?


    • You can still receive your OTP via your registered number in BDO and you can register any mobile number even if it is an international simcard. Im using international sim card and I do receive OTP everytime I log in.

    • Anyone can apply as long as you’re 18 and above regardless of location and as long as you have BDO online banking account. Yes, I already mentioned it in the article that you get OTP every time you log in. Yes, same fees apply like other online brokers

  55. Hi Ms Fehl I already have an account in BDO Nomura. Do you know where to find the buying power that is left after buying a stock? I cannot find it on equities portfolio. At sa portfolio nalito ako bumili ako ng MBT at 84.2 last week tapos sa portfolio lumabas ave price is 85 yun pala yun yung average price ng mga bumibili? Correct me if I’m wrong. Hndi ko rin kasi makita kung magkano ang average price ko nung bumili ako.

  56. Hi Fhel,

    Ok naman to kahit BDO savings mo? Para act as separate ba lahat ng information mo or pwde naka tie up sa BDO account? Kasi gusto q sana iwas sa savings like sa credit card sa BPI pa aq kumuha kahit nag offer si BDO ayaw q connected yung mga accounts q.

    • Hi DM. Yes, ok sya kahit anong BDO account (savings, current etc.) basta may BDO Online Banking account ka, pwede ka na mag open ng BDO Nomura. Regarding your second question, separate account ang BDO Nomura


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