Why Gokongwei’s URC is on our top 5 stock picks

URC (Universal Robina Corporation) is among our top 5 permanent stocks for long term here in DailyPik.

I’m sharing here the reasons why URC, the big company founded by John L. Gokongwei, Jr., is on our top 5 stock picks.

URC is and has been a major part of every Filipino’s life.

Who could forget Cloud 9, Nips, Big Bang and Chooey Choco?

We loved them when we were just little kids and we still love them until now.

What about Mr. Chips, Piattos, V-cut, Chippy, Chiz Curls, Nova and Roller Coaster and other Jack ‘n Jill chips?

The little candies like Maxx, Dynamite, X.O. and Star Pops lollipops will always be part of our busy life.

I’m sure everyone knows Payless instant noodles and C2 Green Tea.

Those products mentioned are only among the thousands of products produced by URC.

To sum up, here are the best reasons why we should invest stocks of URC for long term.

why gokongwei urc is on my stock list

Why you should invest URC stocks

  • Food is king. URC is the market leader in numerous snack food categories.
  • URC’s corporate life is 50 years old already and I’m sure it will be here for another 50 years or more.
  • URC also has agro-industrial products and commodity food products
  • It has whole and majority ownership to CFC Clubhouse Property, Inc.; CFC Corporation; Bio-Resource Power Generation Corporation; Southern Negros Development Corporation; Nissin-URC; URC Philippines, Limited; URC International Co. Ltd.; Universal Robina (Cayman), Ltd.; and URC China Commercial Co., Ltd. (source: PSE)
  • URC’s products are distributed to approximately 120,000 outlets in the country. Yes, that includes SM 🙂
  • They also export their products
  • Stock price is not that expensive compared to other big companies (around 190 as of now). I know stock prices are not so relevant to the real value of a company but for a giant company like URC, I think it’s safe to say it’s perfect for long term.
  • Their stocks are not typically cyclical and seasonal

If you bought 5000 shares of URC stocks 4 years ago, its value as of now is around 950,000.

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36 thoughts on “Why Gokongwei’s URC is on our top 5 stock picks”

  1. Hi Ms Fehl,

    I am choosing between URC and JGS, Please help me decide which one should I purchase. I’m maintaining only 10 stocks and the one I will choose between the 2 will be my 10th. I’m into long term investing so which of the 2 will you recommend? I will await your advice. Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,


  2. hello Ms. Fehl. Happy New Year sa iyo, gusto kong mag invest ng stock sa URC, kaya lang di ko alam kung paano ko uumpisahan. Please help me naman. looking forward sa reply mo. thanks

  3. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    I got your reply on my previous query. Thank you, as of now I’m already investing thru COL. But as a beginner, I’m still getting the hang of it. May I know how to know whether a certain company stock is undervalued or not?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi, i just want to ask your thoughts about the incoming IPO of MONDE NISSIN and do you think it is good stock for long term investment?

    I have a feelin it will fly like URC.

    Thank you so much.

    • Right now as I write this comment, BBP for URC is 190 and TP is 228. Follow that if you’re flipping it, you’ll gain around 20% or more

  5. Hello ms fehl, i’ve been reading ur blog for a quite sometime. It’s very helpful for the newbies like me. What do you think about FPH and MPI, are they good for a long term investment? Your answer is highly appreciated.

  6. Miss fehl how would you know if its too high to buy ..for example URC ,, not only in URC but also other companies..how do you know the limits not to buy..

    • Hi. I personally use different sources like brokers and financial reports for the fair value of the stocks. With URC, I buy for it every month although I have some data like FV and BBP as well. URC is among the Big 5 stocks I follow here in DailyPik.

  7. Hi Ms. Fhel. Just wanna ask question, JGS the parent company of CEB and URC is consistently performing great in the stock market, may i know your insight why it is not included in your top 10 picks?

  8. one of my fave stocks, you just need to be patient with URC abang ka lang sa pagbaba at abang sa pagtaas
    made good profits from this stock a lot of times already

  9. Hi,

    I find your blog helpful as I would like to invest in stocks. May I know if there is a minimum number of stocks you can buy?

    Thank you

  10. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    When is the best time to buy stocks? some of my friends are telling me that before or after election? correct me if I’am wrong po. thanks. more power.

    • The answer depends upon on the strategy of the investor: if you’re into long term investing, the right time is yesterday or now than later or tomorrow. If you’re into active trading or swing trading, you time the market or the economy.

  11. hi miss fhel, can you explain me about this post of yours
    If you bought 5000 shares of URC stocks 4 years ago, its value as of now is around 950,000.

    is this mean that if you invest P5000, in 4years it will make P950,000??? correct me on this…

    and what other company is good to invest? thank you in advance.

    • URC price today is 200ish so if you have 5000 shares, its value is around 1 million right now, higher than when it was 950,000 when I wrote this post 🙂

      You can see our recommended stocks at our Stock Picks at the tab above. See Magic 10

  12. hi ms. fehl,

    is it ideal to buy shares for urc as of now? some said that the current price is too high and advised me to wait more until it goes down a bit. my only concern is, if i wait longer, what if it continue to go up instead. could you please advise? im actually undecided, thanks in advance.


    • Hi. It depends upon your strategy. In my personal approach, URC is one of those stocks I invest for long term. I buy shares of it monthly no matter what the price is (with exemption of course when it’s obviously too expensive). I follow Magic 10 and URC is one of the Big 5 stocks, one of my priorities. 🙂 You should check out our post about URC here and why should you invest it too.


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