Stock Market Dilemma – What to Do When You See Red Amounts?

One of the scariest moments you would probably encounter especially newbies in investing stocks is the dilemma when you see red amounts in your portfolio.

Red amounts would mean losses of money.

What should you do when you see so much red?

The best thing to do is have a BLUE, then do some SHOPPING.

Remember BLUE, it stands for:

Blendicano – have a Blendicano.

I can’t blame you if you’ve never heard of Blendicano yet coz even the barista was confused what it is.

Blendicano is simply Americano blended with ice and few pumps of your choice of sugar free syrup.

I recommend vanilla syrup most of the time coz I like it best!

What would it do anyway?

Not only it would calm your nerves and change your mood, it would wake your brains up too.

You need it coz you need to RELAX and NOT PANIC.

Leave your Portfolio screen.

Staring at it would add more drama and it’s never good to have your emotions decide what to do with your stocks.


Update yourself by checking out stock updates for any news.

If you see so much red amounts, it could either be because you only just begun investing.

It would take few months before you see gains because your stocks need to grow and appreciate in value.

Remember, we are not into swing trading and we’re not active traders.

We are passive investors.

We are INVESTING in VALUE. To build stocks value, we need to wait several months to see big gains of our stocks.


Execute your plan and strategy. If you don’t have one, you’re not going anywhere and you might see more red amounts again.

Don’t have strategy yet? Join DailyPik. We use Magic 10 strategy, Flipping some undervalued stocks and having some of great performing Mutual Funds.

After you had BLUE, go SHOPPING or just do anything that makes you happy.

Instead, take this opportunity to buy more shares of your Equity Funds from Mutual Funds, UITF, or your favorite Blue Chip stocks.

Seeing red amounts or losses every now and then is normal if you are not a newbie anymore because you’re well aware this is a normal cycle of the stock market.

There will always be peak season, recession and recovery.

Those are the weathers of the stock market.

As you stay and execute your plan, you will be immune to anything.

If you’re investing for long term like us, you know your goal. You also know the bigger picture and outcome.

Have a plan, invest slowly, stick to it for a long term, you’ll become multi-millionaire.

stock market dilemma what to do

“It doesn’t matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” – Confusius

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4 thoughts on “Stock Market Dilemma – What to Do When You See Red Amounts?”

  1. What if I wanted to buy a stock in a big amount for short term only then if it hit my desired profit sell it, is it possible? What would be a great stock to start with?

  2. I may have blogged this on just Miss Fehl’s Blog, over 8 times, and I will say it like this, here, so people understand…If your investment goes red, or below your investment capital value, (LOOSING MONEY) your money, or investment will do one of two things…It will go up, and you will make a profit, more so than a passbook interest rate, or….Money will have no value, and it is Armageddon, so who cares? What I am saying is, if you invest, you will reap benefits,…Those benefits will be in the amounts based on the effort you put forth, meaning Patience balanced with flipping investments…Armageddon, is not your fault, but losing money in the market is…Chart the market, before you invest…Watch the news AND FINANCIAL NEWS…Not the same news…Watch the trends, of many investments not just yours…Know the difference between an honest market correction, which there are few, and a correction caused by a bunch of greedy, investment morons, which is the case, in most instances, and you failed to sell high and buy low…


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