Top 5 Reasons Why I Invest Microsoft Stocks

Here are the top 5 reasons why I invest Microsoft stocks and why you should, too. Microsoft (MSFT) is one of the stocks I’m building in my portfolio right now.

Founded by Bill Gates, who’s making around $78K per minute, Microsoft is among the most valuable public companies in the United States and the world.

While Bill Gates is not the largest stockholder of Microsoft anymore, MSFT is still among the leading stocks reaching $1 trillion market value in 2019. The tech giant is one of my favorite stocks to invest right now. I am sharing in this post the reasons why.

I’m investing and trading international stocks on eToro. In addition, I’m also open in trading indices, ETF, commodities, and currencies. You can check out my portfolio @tradecatalog and see how I allocate my money right now.

Just a reminder, investing and trading have risk. Always remember to invest and trade only what you are comfortable to lose. You can make lots of money with investing as long as you know your objective and your strategy. You can lose money if you trade without an effective strategy or if you do it with your emotion.

Top 5 Reasons Why I Invest Microsoft Stocks:

  • Robust Fundamentals
  • Big Potential
  • Recurring Profit
  • Global Target Market
  • Long Term Growth

Robust Fundamentals

Microsoft’s stock rose up at almost 30% in 2019 with impressive earnings. The company has strong balance sheet and attractive valuations. No wonder why MSFT is among the top stock picks in the S&P500, NASDAQ 100 and Dow Jones right now.

MSFT investors also enjoy dividends regularly. I am looking forward for a continuous growth of this high-profile company in the years to come.

5 reasons why you should invest microsoft stocks

Big Potential

If you had invested 100 shares of Microsoft stock in April 2009, its value after ten years would have given you almost 700% total return in profit.

Microsoft has transformed from the PC-era software company into one of the world’s leader in cloud computing and AI. I’m liking how MSFT has grown into what it is today. See the amazing chart below.

why invest microsoft stocks
this is how your money will grow if you invest Microsoft stocks for long term

Recurring Profit

It’s 2020, are you still using Microsoft Word? What about Excel? I’m using their software everyday as I subscribed with their cloud-based Office 365. Microsoft also owns Skype, Linkedin, Xbox, Bing, Azure, MSN, GitHub, Nokia’s Mobile Business, Minecraft and many more. MSFT creates continuous cash flow earnings from its subscription-based business.

Global Target Market

Microsoft’s target market is not only the US but the whole world. MSFT’s goal is to gain additional business deals to its cloud-computing services and produce recurring income from its subscription-based industries worldwide.

Long Term Growth

As technology evolves, Microsoft continues to be one of the most stable tech companies in the world. Serving a global audience with the most advanced cloud computing and Artificial Intelligence infrastructure, it always paves the way to innovate new tech products and services to the future.

Microsoft constantly acquires new companies with excellent potential. Just recently, it acquired PromoteIQ, a New York-based company that helps major brands and sellers diversify their ecommerce offerings.

Microsoft Stocks Investing Strategy

For many investors, MSFT is one of the best stocks to invest and hold on forever. As for me, it is attractive to buy and hold Microsoft stocks right now in spite of the US and China trade war. Many Wall Street analysts and fund managers are in a “Buy” mode for MSFT while valuation is fair.

My strategy with MSFT is to buy and hold it for a few years. I have some buy positions already since I started trading on eToro just recently. I have some tech stocks like Apple, Amazon, and Google aside from MSFT. Tech stocks are volatile but yeah, the market is always volatile.

I use X1 leverage for most of stocks to avoid some charges. Moreover, I use zero stop loss because I always believe the price will go in my favor. They always do go up. 🙂

Want to invest excellent stocks?

Invest on eToro now! It’s free to open an account. You can also connect with me there. My username is @tradecatalog. Better yet COPY me if you want the same goal like mine.

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  1. Just to confirm since i want to invest my money.have you ftried to withdraw your money from wtoro.where there ang problems because i am worried that it will be a scam and i would have wasted my 10k and timefor nothing

    • Hi 🙂 Yes, I withdrew $500 two times already. The money were credited to my bank account without any problem. eToro is not a scam. They are regulated by the SEC in countries where they have jurisdictions such as UK, USA, Cyprus, and Australia. PH is under their Australian jurisdiction

  2. Hi Miss Fehl, I’m an OFW and have been reading your website and it is very informative. I have zero knowledge in investing and took interest when I chanced upon your website. I started my etoro account even for a minimum amount and started copy trading you. Just want to say thank you very much for this. I can see my profits already :). I plan to put more and again, thank you for inspiring people like me and for your unselfish efforts. Wishing you all the best and may God bless you.

    • Hi Boyet 🙂 Honored to know you’re one my copiers on eToro 🙂 Our portfolio is designed to make recurring income and to maintain capital growth. I’m happy when you’re happy and when we make profit together 🙂

  3. I just set up my etoro account and I don’t know how to fund my account. Paypal, debit and debit card are not possible options. So the only thing left is via wire transfer. Is this safe po?

    • Hi, Michelle 🙂 Yes, it’s safe and secured. For your convenience, I recommend debit card but since you mentioned you don’t have one, use Paypal. It’s free to open Paypal account. You can link any account in Paypal. It’s easy to monitor pa your money. In addition, you can make refunds using Paypal, too. Nonetheless, debit card is the best to use coz it will be easier when you withdraw money from your etoro. Majority of banks issue debit cards (atm card) now. Cheers!

  4. Hi miss fehl, ask ko lang po if this are CFDs, although i don’t know the concept of CFD, they say it is a complex and risky kind of investment. Is it true? Thanks!

    • Hi 🙂 CFDs actually have more advantage than traditional trading. The concept of CFD is their definition itself (Contract For Difference) wherein you follow the positions (contract) you have set. It only sounds complex because of the many features it offers and because it is NEW to many. Once you start trading CFD, you will love how simple it is and how you can make money following your positions. I will make another post how simple it is to make money using CFD. See ya!


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