PSEI Down at 6,912ish Today Below 7,000 – What should we Do?

PSEI went down and recorded at 6,966.21 today Dec. 18, the lowest that has been marked since October 14, 2014. We saw all reds literally on our Watchlist yesterday but that was expected after the overnight decline in US stocks mainly due to collapsing oil prices.

psei down

PSEI is not alone with decline, Dow Jones also fell off by 111.97 points, S&P 500 lost 16.89 points and NASDAQ also recorded 57.32 points.

Apparently, oil issue is a major trigger and has caused a global effect.

What should we do now as stock market investors?

Wise investors take this opportunity to buy more blue-chip stocks because stock prices have declined significantly.

This is a celebration than a depression.

Let’s not forget that our stocks here in DailyPik are all blue-chips.

It’s early Christmas for us. 🙂 BUY BUY BUY and reap profits soon!

I remember last year, within the same week, stocks and equities declined and I’ve been warned last week that stocks would fall down by mid-December.

I’ve also been warned that the expected peak of declines or revival is around the 29th of December.

This is not a very unusual scenario but maybe for a newbie they would panic or they would give up investing already.

The thing is, the stock market will always go up and down and up again but our giant companies always grow and continue on blessing some dividends.

If you give up now, what have you been investing for in the first place?

Remember, an investor must always have discipline, patience, faith and money. It starts with money and ends with lots of it.

JFC is below 198/share and SM went down to 768/share. I would eat my hat if I missed buying these stocks today!

Happy investing!

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6 thoughts on “PSEI Down at 6,912ish Today Below 7,000 – What should we Do?”

  1. hello miss fehl,
    I just want to ask why in my COL portfolio , there is TOTAL EQUITIES and there is also TOTAL PORTFOLIO TRADE VALUE which have the same amount.. before there was only TOTAL TRADE VALUE… thank you…

  2. Hi ms fehl..i started investing last march 2015..i bought 5stocks and purchase 2-3 stocks it ok if i change my investing into quarterly? Which is better one? Investing 2-3stocks alternately? Or quarterly?

    • Continue Peso-Cost-Averaging and take the opportunity to buy premium stocks like ALI, BDO, URC, MBT and the like. Wow, they’re very cheap right now. Things may still go down but these companies have very strong fundamentals, they will likely be among the first to recover once PSEI recovers


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