MBT Stocks Forecast and How We Earned Money from the Stocks

MBT Stocks Forecast and How We Earned Money from the Stocks? MBT (Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company) is one of the top 3 banks in the Philippines.

We like investing with big banks like BDO, BPI and MBT because of their strong financials and continuous growth.

On the previous years, we took the opportunity to include MBT among our Magic 10 stocks as the stock price was below its fair value.

UPDATE: We have added back MBT on our Magic 10 Stocks due to new valuations.

MBT was among our Fantastic 5 Stocks we loved to flip.

Now that it reached our Target Price of 92, it’s a good time to sell if you are following our F5 strategy.

Either way, you can continue to invest with MBT if it is one of your blue chip stocks to invest for long term.

In this page, we discuss these two different ways investing MBT.

Using Fantastic 5 Stocks Flipping MBT Stocks

Honestly, it took longer to reach our Target flipping MBT stocks because of the many hurdles in the stock market globally and locally.

That is a usual scenario anyway and must not be taken as a distraction. Besides, if you are into investments, you must also invest PATIENCE.

Here’s our data investing MBT stocks following BBP (Buy-Below-Price) and selling at the Target. We sold at 93.80 because the stock market was doing a great job ever since President Duterte sat in the office.

We earned money of 8, 017 and made a 13.91% gain which is still good at flipping stocks.

mbt stocks forecast

Investing MBT Stocks for Long Term

The second method is investing MBT stocks periodically for long term.

You ask me how long?

Because every person has different objective, budget, strategy and risk appetite, that question must be answerable by YOU only.

Long term typically starts from 5 years to 10 years and it could go longer depending on your status (age, financial status, reasons).

The important thing is, MBT is one of the best blue chip stocks to invest with.

Why should you invest MBT stocks for long term? Read our forecast below.

MBT Stocks Forecast

We are positive MBT will outperform better. This July, analysts project MBT would continue going up and targeting price median 100-119.

MBT had 19.23 Billion revenue on the first quarter, 5.63% above last year’s.

Annual revenue last year was 67.40 Billion.

This year, it is expected to go higher. Nonetheless, we, shareholders expect another dividend of P1.00 per share again next year as we got it this year.

metrobank stocks forecast
source: markets.ft

At the beginning of last year, MBT issued 700 million stock rights to its shareholders for major business expansion. That project would contribute to its income boost in the future.

Cheers and happy investing everyone!

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36 thoughts on “MBT Stocks Forecast and How We Earned Money from the Stocks”

  1. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    During the course of investing and accumulating a specific blue chip stock, the unit price reached your target price. Is it wise to sell it to realize gain and then wait for the price to reach BBP to buy again using the proceeds of the sale including the gain? Is this is no longer Peso Cost Averaging method? What are the pro’s and con’s of this scenerio? Thanks in advance for your reply. You are really a great help for a newbie like me.

    • Hi, yes you can sell it once it reached your TP already. That is one way of locking gains 🙂 Since it’s a blue chip stock, you can do that strategy again when the price went cheaper or when it’s below the BBP. The advantage of locking gains is you already realized the gains and you sure had the money already no matter what happens next. The Disadvantage is the dividends if any especially if you have huge shares for that blue chip. Cheers!

  2. Hi Miss Fehl,

    Is it ok to invest 1k semimonthly in MBT and buy 10share semimonthly? i am doing this for two years po thru EIP, and i want to know if i am doing it right po.

    God bless!


  3. Hi Ms. Fehl, newbie lang po ako sa pag invest sa shares.. hingi po sana ako advise kung san ako pwde mag invest 30k lang po savings ko. Thank you po.

    • VUL is great especially if you don’t have an insurance and investment yet. Just be cautious though of the annual placement with premium you have to pay. As long as you are comfortable with the cost of annual placement, then get it. I got mine from Sun Life. Will be making an article about it soon 🙂

      • May i ask po if OFW’s are required to pay income taxes on their earnings out of their online trading income? If yes, how and when considering we are abroad. Please reply, still have no TIN. thanks.

        • No need. If you are using a broker that serves PSE Listed stocks, your online broker already is the one who reports such taxes that is why they need our TIN (Tax ID Number) when opening an account. TIN is a major requirement, same with Mutual Funds.

  4. Good Morning Fehl is the Magic 10 still the same . Its jan 27. 2017. Thank you

    question, whats the best way to track the stocks to flip em. you mentioned somewhere na price changes every miliseconds.

  5. Hi Ma’am. Im a newbie. id like to clarify in your table you did not bought shares of MBT at BBP. i also wouldl ike to buy shares of MBT right now its only 73.95., does it mean i should not buy shares of MBT if stock price went higher? im confused. please send me a reply thank you.

  6. Hi Ms. Fehl,

    What can you say about the dividends given by big banks like MBT? Do they offer better dividends than utility companies? I can’t decide between MBT and FGEN on where to invest because both have strong fundamentals, so I’m planning to choose the one that has better dividend yield.

    Please advise. Thank you.

    • Utility companies like MER, TEL, and big company like SM usually give out bigger dividends compared to some companies. Between MBT and FGEN, I think MBT has the consistent routine

  7. Hi ms fehl

    Need your advise mam, san kaya mganda ilagay or diversify ang 1.5M planning to go to bdo or bpi to also ask their opinions, sayang kasi natutulog lang ang pera,.gusto ko sana invest pero wag muna sa stocks since ndi pko marunong, sa mga funds, uitf, etc po sana.. San kaya mganda hatiin ang 1.5M
    50% (——–)
    30% ———-
    20% ———-

    Tnx in advance mam

    • Hi, Mark. Depende po iyan sa risk tolerance nyo, how long you plan to invest that 1.5M and how will you use this money (goal)? Then I can give my answers 🙂

  8. Miss Fehl, I’m planning to invest 5k per month to one of the blue chip companies, then later focus on buy&sell of stocks method when my cash reaches 100k. Is it a good idea?

    • Much better if you invest it monthly. 🙂 This way, if bumaba sya from 30php, hindi malaki ang loss mo at may opportunity ka pa mag average down.

  9. Good day miss Fehl, right time b n bumili ako ngayon ng SMPH sa halagang 30 pesos per share for long term. Meron kasi ako budget n 300K pesos.

    thank you

    • SMPH is good to invest for long term following PCA method so yes, as long as you invest it periodically (monthly) you’ll get nice income in the long run.

  10. Thank you miss fehl…may gain din po ako.excited na po ako sa next stocks na ipapalit kay Mbt… Salamat po sa advice, Sana po wag kayo magsawa na kami ay gabayan Kung Anong stocks ang pipiliin… Godbless us po!

  11. Awesome! I have profited too! thank you po for the free recommendations and for updating your site Miss Fehl! God bless you more!


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