Market Outlook & Trading Strategy December 2014

Last Updated on by Fehl Dungo

Overweight – Consumer Food, Power Sector

Underweight – TELCO Sector

Neutral – Banking and Property Sector

We’ve seen some downfalls before Ruby (storm) especially on the Friday, December, 5 but everything started to settle back.

We posted BUY alert on our Facebook that day. I’m sure you’re so happy if you bought our stock picks for the month on that day. Wow!

stocks update dailypik

Our team follows our experts’ advice to maintain conservative 18x 2015 P/E target for the index.

If bigger markets move higher, the index may trade at 19-20x P/E, which transforms to 8,877 and 9,344 correspondingly.

Trading Strategy:

Apparently, the index will continue to soar above 7,200 level.

We will continue to buy our Big 5 stocks and continue buying some from our Fantastic 5 stocks.

If you’re like us, we’re allotting all our Christmas bonus and 13th month pay for all the Big 5 stocks and our regular monthly budget for the Fantastic 5.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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