How to Transfer Bitcoins from to Blockchain Account

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I’m sharing here how to transfer Bitcoins from to Blockchain account.

As mentioned from my previous article on “How to Buy Bitcoins in the Philippines” I recommend having a Blockchain account.

It is very important in securing our Bitcoins, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. Bitcoin trading and investing platforms in the Philippines are not very advanced compared to other countries.

Many people ask me if having is enough. is a great tool to easily buy and send Bitcoins however, in my honest opinion, it still needs to improve and develop more security features like having private keys, wallet authentication codes and secret phrases.

That’s why I recommend having Blockchain account to complement a bigger and more secure BTC wallet.

In a nutshell, is like having money in a local bank in a small country while is like having money in a bank in Switzerland.”

Why You Should Use

The fact that we have no local cryptocurrency brokers yet in our country would mean we should rely on the world’s leading software platform for digital assets, none other than

  • It is free.
  • It is very important because it is the best way I know to protect and back up Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • It has multiple security and authentication features which we need because we are dealing with digital money

How to Transfer Bitcoins from to Blockchain

1. Login to your Blockchain account

2. On the Dashboard, select Bitcoin

how to transfer bitcoins from to blockchain account

3. Click the REQUEST tab

transfer bitcoin from to blockchain

4. Copy the BTC Address that appeared

send bitcoin to blockchain
Do not copy the BTC address in this photo. You must use the one from your account

5. Log in to your account

6. On the Dashboard, go to your Bitcoin wallet and click SEND

send bitcoin

7. Enter the amount you wish to send to your Blockchain account. (You can either enter BTC or PHP). In this example, I’m sending 500 pesos of BTC to my Blockchain account, so I chose PHP.

8. Enter the BTC address where you will be sending your Bitcoins. This is the address you have copied in Step 4 above. Note: This is important. This is not the Wallet Address you use in logging in your Blockchain account BUT the address that will be generated when you make a REQUEST to receive Bitcoin (Step 4 above)

9. Enter the info you want to note to complete the SEND process in your account.

10. Press the CONTINUE tab and select the BTC fee you want for the speed of transaction you prefer.

Voila! You just sent Bitcoin to your Blockchain account.

Learn more about Bitcoin here:

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