Great Profit to Start 2015! Congrats to our Excellent Stocks

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As we end the year 2014, we would like to share you our first monthly report here in DailyPik. It’s a great start for 2015 since our stocks performed very well.

Our Fantastic 5 exceeded our expectation. We only just begun but our stocks launched some awesome fireworks already.

As we mentioned from our Stocks Update, PSEI would climb above 7,200.

Even though there was a big meltdown at the middle of December, PSEI climbed back up to where it’s supposed to be.

Wow, it’s now above our forecast, it’s 7,230 today. Let us give thanks to our excellent 2014 and welcome a brighter 2015.

DailyPik December 2014 Stocks Report

Fantastic 5 Stocks:

We only started this December and look at our ROI now. 18.54% giving us an average gain of 3.71% taken into account the 5 stocks.

stocks report 2014

The average gain of Mutual Fund in a year is around 12%. Our gain from our Fantastic 5 stocks is 3.71% for only one month.

Cheers to that if you started investing our Fantastic 5 this December. Wow!

Big 5 Stocks:

Our Big 5 stocks will not be left behind because we got a big reward of 20.55% gain this month giving us an average of 4.11%.

Since we are investing these stocks for long term and our target is 10 years, it will be exciting to know their performance, too.


What we have gained so far?

Our Magic 10 stocks gained a total of 39.09% this month with a total average of 7.82% and this is very impressive.

We will continue to invest monthly following our plan and strategy here.

Just sell when the action says Sell. We only had 1 month so far and we still have to reach our target 🙂

dailypik stocsk report

If you are a beginner or you don’t have enough budget to buy all the stocks from our Magic 10, you can start to invest 5 stocks or more for now.

What is important is you do it monthly and you follow the plan. You will surely become multi-millionaire soon.

Happy New Year!


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